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3 years ago

I have an observation that brings up a question for Mike Sokol. The l park I am currently in has a pedestal with two 50amp receptacles . However one of them is actually wired for 30amps. Is this dangerous or just odd?

Mike Sokol (@mike)
3 years ago
Reply to  Wendell

That’s not dangerous, and is perfectly within code as long as the receptacle is marked for “30-amps maximum”. But I’ve only seen these at houses for a low-power shore power hookup. Do you know if it actually measures 240-volts from hot-1 to hot-2? That would indicate that it was otherwise wired correctly, assuming the ground was also hooked up.

Michael McCracken
3 years ago

Chuck, if you are visiting Lawton, Oklahoma and the Ft. Sill Museum, you must also visit Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. This park is located just a few miles north of Lawton. As you enter the park be sure to drive through the town of Medicine Park. This town has lots of history dating to the early 1900’s. This is a beautiful area you do not want to miss. I was born and raised in Lawton.

P.S. Be sure to also visit the Apache Grave site where Geronimo was buried.

Captn John
3 years ago

I was stationed at Shepherd AFB in 1967. Have a lot of good memories from that time but was anxious to go somewhere (any where) else. Actually, it is on the list of places I want to return to, right above A Shau Valley.

Steven Scheinin
3 years ago

“Like many other towns its size, its downtown was crippled by malls, Walmart and now, I suspect, Amazon”

I would think with out them employing and drawing people in, it would be a ghost town.

It appears that those that criticize the above are the first to patronize them (or encourage people to shop there, like you).

Captn John
3 years ago

Sorry, don’t criticize them but have nothing to do with either. Have not been in a Walmart in nearly 40 years and can almost always find what I’m looking for elsewhere for less.

charle williams
3 years ago

can you find out why rv rate at gulf state park in alabama went up so high.Icall six times no good answer on conal sits $70.00 a night

Joe Allen
3 years ago

Charles Kuralt was one of my favorite and wife and I enjoyed his short segments. I put him in the class with Andy Rooney! Both will be sorely missed.
Love the mailbox video, as I can’t remember that one and the end of that video was something else! Leave it to the American ingenuity.

Ron Schmitz
3 years ago

Enjoy your Charles Kuralt on the road videos. I remember seeing a few of them when he first did them, they are always interesting.

3 years ago
Reply to  Ron Schmitz

If interested in seeing his motor home the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn has it on display. You can look at it but cannot enter. I never realized it until I really looked at the history of RV travel trailers, pop ups and motor homes. Kind of exciting to see the evolution of the RV. We are keeping our s on ice until our daughter graduates from college. All our money is now tied up in the big league colleges. 3 years to go.

3 years ago

while in Wichita Falls you should try to eat at the new restaurant Fox Hill Restaurant which is close to where you are camped. We are stationed here and have gone there three times since they opened. Farm to table….. I recommend lunch which is less expensive. Recently was filmed for the food network.

TIM Resch
3 years ago

If not already. Might a comment article about the film Liesure Seeket now in cinimas

3 years ago

Thanks for he ‘heads up’ on the way Amazon treated you and the web site, Chuck. I quit buying stuff from them a long time ago, and for ‘sure’ will ‘not’ be in the future. I never felt encouraged by the link or compelled to go there…I just ignored it.

Laurie Otto
3 years ago

Hi Chuck,
I’ve been using your website for Amazon purchases. How do I continue to do that?

3 years ago

Combining your “Unwanted parking advice” with “Random thoughts” on offering shelter to tenters is amusing… Some tenters would take offense to your shelter offer much the same as you hate their parking advice. But then, these days people get offended no matter what nice thing you do…

Some more related ponders:
– Your mind is like a parachute — it will only function when open.
– Some people’s minds are like concrete, all mixed up and permanently set.

3 years ago
Reply to  Wolfe

Good morning Wolfe. It’s also been said that some people are so open minded their brains have fallen out.

Jerry Griffin
3 years ago

Hi Chuck,

Am I assuming correctly that if I give a voluntary paid subscriber that makes me a paid subscriber? (I sent in my payment on March 17th, 2018) If so, I didn’t receive the video notice on Friday about the update on the “Amazon Scare”. I have been waiting to purchase several items for our RV until the issue with your association with Amazon had been resolved.
I really like your weekly and associated publications and have learned a lot from them. I try to purchase everything from Amazon through your link in added support for your publications.

Thank you,

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
3 years ago
Reply to  Jerry Griffin

Jerry, I have responded to you by email. — Chuck