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Rich Schroeder

I am a paid subscriber and new to RVing as of Aug. 2017. So I have been reading and learning all I can about RV camping in my 1999 32′ class A motorhome.
But now maybe it is time I can help others out. On our 24 day trip recently we came upon road construction and ended up with black smears all over the RV (even high up). At the next campsite we tried to clean it all off but were not very successful. At home then I made a concerted effort to get that stuff off and what worked best for me?- Weiman Glass Cook Top (heavy duty) cleaner & polish!! My wife has been using at on our cooktop in our home so I thought I’d try it.
Now I know of the warnings that an RV finish is not the same as my car so I tried it carefully. But I have been very happy with the results. The product is available at Wal-Mart and I am not getting any commissions for this.It works great for those sticky bugs as well!


Okay. Because of Mike’s comments and the letter writer’s experience, I ordered Sperry Model7504 GFI . My question is that on the online instructions (what if you don’t have a computer?) it says:

4. Will not detect two hot wires in a circuit.
5. Will not detect a combination of defects.
6. Will not indicate a reversal of grounded and grounding conductors

Should I be sending this unit back or are these things I really don’t have to worry about?

Leroy Stephenson

Have you ever considered having some corner of the newsletter where campground/ RV park owners could contribute suggestions to improve the experience for customers AND park owners? I am sure that there are many owners that could contribute stories to help explain how some of our rules and concerns came into being. I’m not sure anyone knows Rv’ers and RVs more than an involved campground owner. I love your online newsletter. Keep up the good work.

Lauri C

Pardon my ignorance, but regarding the shorted-out pedestal, can you use a regular volt-meter to test it?

Steve Barnes, Kamloops, BC

Great article Chuck and Mike.  Yes, you are doing something important.  Hearts may not be twittering; it could be hearts going into atrial fibrillation or my pacemaker exploding.  
If you go on website cited you find 21 Stray Voltage Testers.  Can you help us as to which ones are appropriate and cost effective?  What to buy?
Hmmm?  Wonder what it would do to pacemaker.  The clinic advises stay away from magnets and gas chain saws although no one with any authority can say why about the chain saws.

john stahl

Tell me what pedestal tester to purchase and I will buy it myself and I will report the results to you. We probably use 20 to 30 different pedestal hook-ups each year. Thanks for all you do.


You can sign me up too for the “Pedestal Tester” position. We’re leaving for a 6-8 week trip in August and already have reservations at 8 campgrounds (W/E sites) and expect to be staying in another 4-6 CG as we figure out which direction we’re heading.

Mike Jackson

Re. Knowing Grades. An excellent resource for knowing what grades are where, as well as good descriptions, is “Mountain Directory West for Truckers, RV, and Motorhome Drivers” published by R&R Publishing, INC., Baldwin City KS. $16.95. We use it whenever planning a trip here in the West.

Gary Graybill

We have an intelligent surge protector made by Progressive. Will this detect/protect our RV from “hot skin” condition? Or should we still get a non-contact voltage reader?

Dan Delisse

I plug-in to a pedestal in a rv park.I plug into the 30 amp outlet and found out shortly that 30 amp outlet was actually putting out 50 amps. I made one of these testers and never had problems since. To get a better reading on Campground outlets it is recommended that an additional test be performed .Go to https://www.myrv.us/electric/Pg/testing.htm to make a 30 or 50 amp RV outlet Tester. Testing Campground and other RV Electric Service.

Rob S

Re: ‘Walk and Talk’: My wife & I use a two-way radio with a voice-activated mike. Two advantages: hands free and we can talk at the same time.
I NEVER move if I am unable to see my wife in the mirrors or the camera – regardless of the radio availability.

Ray from Dallas

Love the emagazine. My comment is actually a request. Could you explore the world of RV insurance and poll your readers on their experiences and recommendations? Thank you.

Joe Azzara

Stop the annoying pop ups. They are blocking your articles. If not, you’ll loose readers. Don’t get so greedy that you need this nuisance.

John Matheny

I am a paid subscriber and enjoy both the daily tips and the weekly newsletter. I have been following the commentary on electricity and have followed your advice and have both a surge protector (Camco 50 amp) and a non contact voltage reader. My issue is that sometimes when we hook up to shore power the electricity in the camper won’t come on even though the surge protector light is green. I remove the surge protector and plug directly into the pedestal and it works. Am I doing something wrong with the surge protector?

Jane Ayers

Ok, Chuck, I’m confused. We recently bought a diesel thinking that it would handle those grades better than a gas RV however in your article, “How to interpret highway road grade signs” it is stated, “Beware, diesel engines don’t have nearly the compression braking of a gas engine.” Can you explain further, that statement seems completely opposite of what we have been told. Thanks, as a contributing reader I appreciate all of your great information each week!

Mike Henrich

Sign me up to be a pedestal tester! Love that idea. I’m an electrician so this is right up my alley.