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RV values decline in January


(March 18, 2020) — RV values declined in January, as the industry begins to experience the effects of the coronavirus.

“Motorized saw the biggest drop, but that was expected due to the unusually high wholesale values that we saw two months ago, which were most likely exaggerated by the low volume that had run through the auctions,” explained Eric Lawrence, principal automotive analyst for Black Book.

The average selling price for motorhomes was $43,854, down $7,762 (15.1%) from the previous month. Auction volume was up 51.5% from the previous month and the average model year was 2013.

The average towable selling price was $14,462, down $350 (2.3%) from the previous month. Auction volume was up 30.5% from the previous month while the average model year was 2013.

One year ago, the average motorhome sold for $41,846 and the average towable unit brought $12,832.


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2 years ago

Luxury items for the middle class usually take a very large hit during recessions and market down turns, what is happening here has never been seen before. The markets are punishing seniors who sell there stocks. Incomes are vanishing and dividends are being cut. I think the amount of debt being carried by families will cause a massive sell off of RV’s over the next few months.

Mitch Stevens
2 years ago

How does one go about finding and participating in these RV auctions? Can anyone buy from these auctions or does one have to have a dealer’s license?

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