Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

You have never seen an RV like this. We mean never!

Okay, now we HAVE seen it all. Sure, there are a lot of wacky RVs out there, we know that. They look funny, or they were modified to do weird, wonderful or very unusual tasks. But this one … our whole staff was laughing like crazy today when we passed the photo around the newsroom (okay, we don’t have a real newsroom, but it sounds impressive to say that).

We know nothing about this rig beyond what we see in the photo. Thank you reader Tom Speirs for sending this along. He found it on the website

So here it is for your viewing pleasure:

If you know anything about this RV, please let us know. If you can prove that it once plowed snow off your driveway, then we’ll send you an coffee mug because that will be one huge coincidence. And if it did plow your driveway, please tell us if it did a good job, and anything about the RV that you remember.

Okay, hope we lightened up your day a little with this! Fun, Fun!


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4 days ago

They use rigs like this in northern Canada to fish on the great lakes in winter. They fish using long lines pulled under the ice. Sorry but I can’t be more specific.

Richard Davidson
4 days ago

When you just absolutely, positively, have to be at work the next morning.

4 days ago

That rig has been in Embarass, MN for years.

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