RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1114


June 5, 2019

Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and small-space living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your readership.

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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1114

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Dump your holding tanks in your home septic system?

We often see RVers give advice that dumping holding tanks at home is not a problem – even into septic systems, rather than a city sewer system. Here are a couple of points to keep in mind:

RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1114
soilscience.info on flickr.com

Home systems are generally tasked to handle a relatively low flow of sewage over a period of hours. Dumping a large amount of RV waste at once could lead to disturbing the layer of sludge in a home septic tank – possibly causing it to break up and move out into the leach field. That can lead to an expensive clogged system. If you have both full black and gray water tanks, it might be best to dump one at a time, spacing the dumping out over a couple of days.

On another note, here’s a comment from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “When chemicals, such as formaldehyde, are added to septic systems, they can cause bacteria in the system to die. When this happens, the septic system cannot treat waste adequately. Solids that are allowed to pass from the septic tank, due to inadequate or incomplete treatment, may clog the leach field. Furthermore, clogged systems may send inadequately or incompletely treated sewage to the surface, threatening the health of people or pets who come into contact with it. Or it may percolate to groundwater, where the chemicals and untreated wastewater could contaminate nearby drinking water wells, rivers and streams. Please read labels carefully to identify any hazardous ingredients.”

What constitutes “hazardous ingredients”? Formaldehyde: an active ingredient in some
deodorizers, also called Formalin. Formaldehyde is an EPA-recognized probable carcinogen (i.e., causes cancer). Paradichlorobenzene: Known carcinogen and drinking water contaminant. A common ingredient in mothballs, urinal cakes and bowl fresheners.

One more thing: Should you decide to “build your own” dump station at home, BE SURE your dump port is installed between your home and the septic tank. Don’t be like the RVer in Washington state who put his between the septic tank and drain field. He learned a very expensive lesson!


RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1114

Holy cow! According to Vox (in 2016), Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming had more cows than humans. In these states combined there were about 32,489,391 cows, which is more than one-third of the entire United States’ cow population.


RV buying advice

RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1114When you set out to buy an RV, never buy the first one you like, at least right away. Take your time. Do plenty of research. Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it’s good – or good for you. Never buy a rig without thinking about a salesman’s offer overnight. And for tall people, never buy an RV without stepping into the shower to make sure you fit while standing straight up. And for everyone, never buy an RV without sitting on the toilet and making sure the bathroom door will close. In rare instances, it may not. Never assume that all RV designers are geniuses.

Unusual spot for your blue-boy

RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1114A lot of boondocking RVers use portable waste tanks – blueboys – to haul sewage away without having to move the rig. Where to stash the ‘boy when not in use? We’ve seen plenty hung on a roof access ladder; ours is stashed under the pickup canopy. But one RVer built himself a drop-down tray out of diamond-plate metal and bolted it up under his minuscule rig. More images here.

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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1114Fun facts about America’s most popular National Parks

Which National Park is the salamander capital of the world? Which park has the highest paved highway? Where in the U.S. can you see the first sunrise? Read this article for the answers!

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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1114
Photo by @mervynpaws, Instagram


“Wait a minute! You have been cheating on me all this time! I knew it!” My wife yelled at me. She found all the letters I had been hiding.
I prepared myself to face her fury, as she got red with anger and started walking towards me. She looked straight into my eyes and gave me a killer look I could never forget.
I guess that’s the last time we’ll ever play Scrabble.

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Rory R

Composting Commodes are not the answer to everything. There are many composting toilets that are being misused. It takes a long time for waste to turn into real compost. Many RV’ers with composting and cassette toilets dump their content in inappropriate places and may be unaware of a problem they are causing. Waste has no place in a dumpster or trash can. I have seen folks dump waste this way. If a health official sees this they might just call the cops. And they would be right in doing so.


“Waste has no place in a dumpster or trash can.” So, the next time you see a young mother dumping her baby’s disposable diapers in the garbage, call the cops! Which has always puzzled me. We’re so sensitized to the horrors of human poop (or poop of any kind!) that we go to extreme and senseless lengths to avoid confronting it… yet we force our garbage folks to haul away endless tons of baby (and adult) pooped diapers. So maybe we need water-soluable diapers we can flush? (Uh, no, we don’t!) And plastic won’t compost. Composting toilets don’t compost the… Read more »


Human waste is disease ridden. It’s best handled by minimizing handling to avoid the transmission of disease. If you want to handle human waste, go for it. I have far better things to do with my time and prefer to maintain what health I still have.


I’m not sure, in this day and age, why we still rely on a water system that dates back over 1000 years to take our waste away. We could all be using composting toilets and create a world that is greener and healthier. Think of all the topsoil we could be creating without the need for so many water treatment plants. Rvs need to go greener and they can.


Water systems for waste removal are still used because they are still the most sanitary method for removing waste. Telling everyone to use composting toilets is like telling every one to go behind bushes so the waste can fertilize the bushes (and talk about unsanitary). Not to mention that not all people are physically capable of dealing with waste disposal from a composting toilet.

Bob p

Most RV sewer treatment chemicals are formaldehyde free and other harmful chemicals, campgrounds have been prohibiting their use for years because of the damage it does to septic systems.

Tony King

I installed a RV Dump at my last house during a big Garage addition and used it for 30 years emptying into my Septic System. I always check that any products are “safe” for Septic Systems. I moved and I’m currently using the 2” Rear clean out at back of my house with the Sewer Solution and 20’ of PVC pipe into my Septic System. It works perfect. I know how Septic Systems work and treat them accordingly as it’s really expensive to add/fix if you don’t take care of them.

Sharon B

I will never understand why we are not taught to respect water. When I see all those fancy smelly things people place in their toilets I can only think of toxins that permeate through the pipes and ground let alone cesspools and septic tanks. Our waters are poisonous enough being invaded with pills, medication, contacs, detergents and cleaning agents that are carcinogenic. The US has the highest cancer rate in the world. Geez….I wonder why. Don’t get me started on what is sprayed on our farms plants and what is fed to our farm animals. That’s an intentional violation that… Read more »

Bob p

Chill pill time. Do you send your waste to Mars? Shame on you.


Holy cow! I hate to bust your bubble Kansas, Idaho,…., but 34.5 million cows is less than 1% of the US population of 328+ million people (per US Census Bureau.


OK, my math was off also, it’s less than 1.1% of the US populatiin.


If you reread the article, it says US COW population, not people population.

Jim collins

If it wasn’t for a Chiropractor I would be wearing a neck brace, since 1970, medical docs told me I would have to for the rest of my life, never have had to , our current one saved my wife from a long hospitalization , in traction after an accident, right now I am seeing ours for the first time in 15 years for a back problem should be released on friday.

Sharon Baron

Jim my Chiro saved my life! Unfortunately he has retired.


I have a sewer clean-out in my driveway that heads towards the city’s lateral in the street. The clean-out has a threaded 4” connection. I glued a small section of 4” ABS pipe to a male threaded adapter and created my own sewer dump. Now I don’t have to worry about dumping before I get home. I simply remove the clean-out cover, spin on my ABS riser, and dump away. If you have a sewer clean-out in your driveway and want to make your own sewer dump, make sure it heads downhill to the city’s sewer and not back towards… Read more »


In regards to the Chiropractor question of the day. If you want someone else in your life besides the government and all its thousands of agencies, see your local quackoprator. I know of nobody, not a single person who went to one once.


Some are quacks but most are not. I know many people who go to them and I have used them on occasion, usually with good results. My sister would not be able to deal with her chronic back pain without one.

Jim collins

Exactly, easy to stay away from the Quacks.


Hi Jeannie, I never said any of them were quacks, although the name I assign the so called profession may hint at it. All I really meant to relay, is that if you want someone besides government in your life see your local chiropractor. Certainly as John hints at, like the medical profession if the solution they prescribe doesn’t work, there is no rebuttle, quite unlike me as an automotive technician, if I put the brakes in your RV backwards, or your air conditioning doesn’t work properly after you spend $1000 in my shop, there’s repercussions to me, and the… Read more »


I doubt you will find a single person who went to a medical doctor just once either.


I have seen a chiropractor for many ailments or my curved back problem for a good portion of my life and almost always left happy. But after leaving an auto repair establishment, I almost always feel ‘raped’. Mentally and monetary.


I guess once the Green New Deal goes through there will be a population explosion in Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming as they will have a lot more real estate to build houses on with no cows taking up that space. LOL


If we could only register them to vote.


or as a lethal weapon


The cow-grazing states are mostly “red” states, so you could expect the white-faced Herefords to be registered to vote. The black angus, not so much.

Rory R

That is a racist comment, Graybyrd…


Actually with the front range of Colorado and the mountain areas being overbuilt and stupid high pricing many CO residents are selling their homes for lots of money and buying into Montana & Wyoming to mention a few. Water supply is a growing concern too, tho to be honest, not so much this year. This state is shot – we are pondering our move out and our daughter and family are MT bound too..


Bd2. Good luck. I have very fine acquaintances in Great Falls, Billings, Livingston and the capital Helena, and they all welcome you, just leave your politics where you came from, it is ruining that once great state, the last and past home of the free.


Good luck with that. In Idaho the federal gov’t owns two-thirds of the land, and a large percentage of cows graze there. It’s not likely they’ll be releasing any of it for residential subdivisions. Other western states “enjoy” high federal ownership percentages.