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John Brown
1 year ago

Here is a easy and tasty dish that is ideal for RV or Camping.
You need a box of Zatarains Dirty Rice mix, a can of Chicken or Beef broth and 16 oz of breakfast sausage like Owens or other spicy role sausage.
Follow the instructions on the box only subsume the broth for the water.
Brake up the sausage and brown into a crumb consistency. This step can be done in advance and placed in a seal-able plastic bag.
Combine the sausage with the package mix and liquid and cook as directed.
This is as close as you will get to Cajun Dirty Rice without your own Cajun cook.

1 year ago

The RV industry squeezing out Greg is no different than telling Campingworld they can no longer use their software for sales because they sell firearms. More and more companies are bullying people to adhere to their agendas. The days of majority rules are quickly coming to an end. It will cost CW a few million to migrate their data to another system but it’s better than being bullied.

1 year ago

This is a volatile topic and all of us should be concerned when voices are silenced. However, this situation is different from ongoing attacks by extremist organizations who’s sole purpose is to silence speech they do not agree with. We have all seen the attacks against political cable show hosts by groups who threaten to damage companies who advertise with them.

In this case, it is different. If a RV advocate like Mr. Gerber is attacking the companies who financially support him, why wouldn’t they pull out? Perhaps Mr. Gerber should have reached out to companies that are not tied to his topic of activism and simultaneously asked for paid subscribers like Chuck has.

David Ballard
1 year ago

We have a 2017 Forest River Salem Cruise Lite. We bought it new in May of 2017. The fresh water tank fell out on the freeway 2 days ago. The connected hoses prevented it from falling all the way out. so we dragged it unawares until stopping for gas. It was completely destroyed along with hoses, wiring and most of the underbelly cover. We are 1 year out of warranty but I feel that Forest River should be responsible for something like this. I am 76 and have owned many travel trailers but I have never heard of this happening. After doing online research, I found this to be not unusual with Forest River. It is my opinion that it shouldn’t be possible.

Billy Bob Thorton
1 year ago
Reply to  David Ballard

I hear ya, but unfortunately you are further ahead mentally if you just have it fixed on your dime.

Marianne Edwards
1 year ago

Oh no! Such a terrible shame to see Greg Gerber shutting down. When the media is taken down, by whatever means, the corporations will run all over us without a care for anything but their profits. We can’t afford to lose this publication as well. Please subscribe by donation to this newsletter if you don’t already. Chuck and his team are one of the last true industry watchdogs we have!

1 year ago

Greg is also shutting down because some of his family is having medical issues also.

Susan E Guillory
1 year ago

Found the list of all of the RV Death Spiral blogs on this page

1 year ago

The complete series of articles is available in a PDF format that you can download using the link below. It is a 1.5MB file consisting of 63 pages. I’ve not read it yet but intend to.

1 year ago

The craziest email request sounds like a phishing email.

1 year ago
Reply to  Pdpatt

I would say it is. I, too, receive these on occasion with nearly identical language. I also receive a lot of emails offering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services and the like. It gets tiring receiving this on a daily basis.

1 year ago

Tape it to the limit…

This is GREAT TAPE and it should also be known that it is Called F-4 Tape! Been around for DECADES! For those that are old enough to remember, F-4 Tape was used in Vietnam to quickly repair Aircraft (F-4) Fighters and get them back in the air. Not a permanent fix, but worked to keep the aircraft in the battle!

This tape stretches and has amazing strength and once fused to itself, requires a sharp knife to cut it free!

I have a roll in my RV for emergencies, should I need something taped on!


1 year ago

What a shame to lose his watch over the industry.
Message to RV industry: “You can’t handle the truth!”