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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1297

Monday, March 16, 2020
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

“It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is gratitude that makes us joyful.” — David Steindl-Rast

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Artichoke Heart Day!

In the days ahead we will forgo our normal RV Tip in this position to keep you updated on the coronavirus pandemic and how it impacts RVers. We’ll return to our normal format when the situation stabilizes.

Coronavirus Updates for RVers

Not only has New Mexico State Parks closed its campgrounds, but also closed are its Corps of Engineers (CEO) Parks, according to reader Candy Pitcher. “We were hit with the New Mexico State Park closures this weekend,” she wrote. “Reservation at Conchas Lake State Park – closed. Ranger told us to try COE campgrounds, so we continued our drive to Cochiti Lake COE just west of Santa Fe. Was open Friday morning, but by the time we arrived Friday late afternoon, they had closed without contacting anyone. There are RVers there, but no new campers allowed. We headed back to Santa Fe (SF Skies RV Park) to spend one night and re-plan. Saturday morning we headed out to Tent Rocks National Monument (which was open Friday evening) only to find it closed. Tribal Council has closed it for at least 3 weeks.

The New Hampshire Camping & RV Show, scheduled for March 27-29, has been canceled and rescheduled for September.

From San Antonio, Texas, from reader Teri Blaschke: The Sea World and Fiesta TX amusement parks are closed until further notice. Additionally, many RVers travel to Lackland AFB to watch their loved ones graduate and stay in San Antonio RV parks. While the parks are all open, Lackland is currently not permitting families to visit the base for graduations.

From reader Carrie Andress: Boondockers Welcome hosts are still welcoming guests as usual. Here is our latest blog post which has great tips for RVers.

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans has temporarily closedLikewise, a significant number of national museums across the country, including the Smithsonian and all presidential museums and libraries, have already closed their doors to help support community health and well-being.

TOILET PAPER TIP: From readers Jim and Connie Bridge: “Your March 15 edition mentioned ordering toilet paper via Amazon.com. Consider sourcing through office supply firms. We ordered toilet paper through Staples.com, which delivered it free the next day. It also works for cleaning supplies.”

Read Sunday’s comprehensive report of news that impacts RVers, including notices of campground closures and cancellations of RV shows and rallies.

New Facebook Group: How the coronavirus is impacting RVers. Learn about park closings, cancelled rallies and RV shows — and more. Your input requested.

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RV Electricity – This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session

Do I have an electrical leak? A concerned reader asks Mike why, with the battery selector in the “off” position, he was still getting a reading of 1.4 volts at the disconnected battery cable ends.

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Misaligned RV cabinet doors perplex

Chris Dougherty, certified RV technician, received a question from a reader while he was serving as RVtravel.com’s technical editor about an RV closet door not closing properly. The reader wanted to know if it could be fixed. Read Chris’ response.

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Keep track of the fridge temperature

Keep a thermometer in your RV fridge and check it often. A remote reporting sensor-type thermometer placed inside the cooler is an easy read without hassle.

Affordable tire tool will save you tons of troubleRV Travel Newsletter Issue 912
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Random RV Thought

Sometimes being secluded in an RV can put you in a rut. Make games and goals for yourself to get outside doing things. Walk 10,000 steps a day. Find 10 ducks in the pond before you go back inside. Walk the dog for 37 minutes. Anything. Make goals into games.

Website of the day

Things you didn’t know about Airstream
Here’s a list from Thrillist about 16 interesting things you probably didn’t know about Airstreams. Even if you don’t own one of these beautiful trailers, you have to admit they’re a fascinating (and good-looking) part of the industry.

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In an average grocery store, one-quarter of all products contain corn.

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Someone threw a jar of mayo at me. I was like, “What the Hellman?” —Indian Hills Community Sign FB page

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3 years ago

I’m surprised only 25% is the figure for corn in supermarkets. In reality it has got to be much higher as even plastics and rubber products contain at least small amounts of corn.

Roger Marble
3 years ago

Why are so many people buying TP?

RV Staff
3 years ago
Reply to  Roger Marble

I wondered that as well, Roger. I think it might be in case they’re quarantined for two weeks, or maybe longer, and don’t want to run out in the meantime? I was just out running errands this morning and all the stores’ TP shelves are empty in this area (that I saw anyway). Stay healthy! 😀 —Diane at RVtravel.com

John R Crawford
3 years ago
Reply to  Roger Marble

The same reason they’re buying food that causes the use of TP.

David Chaltry
3 years ago
Reply to  Roger Marble

Because when one person sneezes, 10 people s**t their pants.

3 years ago

Poll should have specified whether we let water run in the RV or elsewhere. I answered for RV where i shut it off. Living in an RV has even gotten me to shut water off with conventional sinks often.

3 years ago
Reply to  Michael

Also be specific if you mean in this lifetime or a past lifetime.
Then I also remember when water was free and as long as you pumped, it would run.

Sharon B
3 years ago

This response is IMPORTANT for Chuck Woodbury and those who read this great newsletter that I have been reading for several years prior to it becoming big. Let’s get the story straight about Biltmore RV in Savanah , GA.
Initially, my response from reading the story on RV Travel that the campground refused a refund to the campers who made reservations and paid up front 100% who had to cancel due to surgery for a family member was denied. I was appalled!! I made it a point to call that campground to get the scoop and to give them a piece of my mind!. Apparently, the campground had a lot of calls about that issue. I explained to the lady who answered the phone I wanted to hear her story and why these people were denied their their refund. She fully explained the reservations were made in February 13th’ish for a very busy St Patrick’s weekend and that it was fully explained there were are no refunds. The campers agreed and paid.
Then on the day of the start of the reservation the campers did not arrive and called requesting a refund that was not granted. Now, all of you need to look at this from a different point of view. First….get the story straight. Second, if there is a surgery scheduled interfering with any reservations don’t you think that a call would be appropriate to to explain the situation and just maybe they would have gotten a refund rather than not showing up on the scheduled day of arrival and demanding a refund. ????? Something is wrong with this picture.
And I wish the story was straight before putting it on RV Travel. It made a lot of people angry and a small business taking a hit..especially not needed during this time. The Biltmore RV campground is a family operation since 1958 and is not fancy, just a family campground. And I intend on going there when in Savanah, one of my favorite places to visit.
I also gave the information to the Biltmore RV to get on the RV Travel website to read it for themselves.
I know that stories can get twisted and I also know that an impulsive interpretation can get out of control. But to ‘CYA’ get the story straight from the horse’s mouth!

Karen Willis
3 years ago
Reply to  Sharon B

Bet they had no problem renting the site for the weekend.

3 years ago

When washing hands, dishes or showering in the RV, water flow greatly depends on what hook ups are available. If we only have the tanks, we’re very conservative.

3 years ago

I’ve recently replaced my kitchen faucet at home with one that will turn off and on by just touching anywhere on the faucet except for the sprayer. This really works well while washing hands or dishes. A little touch with an elbow or forearm keeps from wasting water. I will probably replace the kitchen faucet in my motorhome with the same unit.

Joe Allen
3 years ago

Wow! People need to take a deep breath, as it isn’t the end of the world, as some may think! The buying out at the grocery store on soup, toilet paper, spam, etc. has to stop. There is enough out there for everyone, as long as you don’t hoard! This reminds me of a hurricane warning with a path to strike Florida. Everyone, panics and buys out the food stores, then we return back to normal again! It’s the same thing folks. We will return back to normal soon.
Turn off the doom and gloom by the politicians. I listened to NY Cuomo yesterday and he likes to hear himself talk as well as other politicians out there when they can insert their ideas of what to do and score points with their fans! Turn off the idiots and use COMMON SENSE for a change! Just my 2 cents worth. Flame suit on!

Ardy Mattox
3 years ago
Reply to  Joe Allen

Join the discussion … boy I wish everyone would listen to you instead of the ‘blabbing heads’.

3 years ago
Reply to  Joe Allen

Well said

Mike & Cathi Stark
3 years ago
Reply to  Joe Allen

I need to have enough food in my RV to supply most of our meal needs for the next two weeks. I don’t need cases of TP, but eggs, potatoes, bread and milk are a must.

Kaeleen Buckingham
3 years ago

About your trivia – I do not know the exact percentage but at least 1/2 the food products contain soy! Not great since it is one of the top 8 allergens in the US.

3 years ago

I suspect 25% is low for corn, as well… With most products getting sweetened to make them more addictive, and corn syrup replacing sugar in almost everything, there’s corn in almost every product other than fresh meat. If it’s not freshly butchered, the syrup-fairy has probably visited. It becomes WEIRD how many things now have corn you wouldn’t expect.

William C Coker II
3 years ago

Does anyone know of a product we can put on the top of the trailer and awning to make tree sap easier to remove. We go to Colorado and the park has large beach or cottonwood trees? (I’m from Florida lol) and they drip sap and little buds that harden and are very hard to remove. Thanks in advance for any response.

Larry Copeland
3 years ago

Good morning, we are winter Texans in Luling. Noticed the absence of toilet paper in all the local stores and finally figured it out. Every time a person sneezes nine other people poop their pants.

Bill Fisher
3 years ago
Reply to  Larry Copeland

Nailed it…

Alan Goldberg
3 years ago

Your poll today needs to be more specific as we readers are RV’s. I let water run at home but never when in my RV.

PJ Rose
3 years ago
Reply to  Alan Goldberg

Me, too!

3 years ago
Reply to  Alan Goldberg

Oh! Don’t forget the situation if you still work and how you wash there.
Maybe you are visiting friends, do you leave their water running?
Visiting a relative you do not like, maybe you ‘forget’ to turn off their water.
Also need to be more specific if it is you are in a restaurant too, eh?

Mike & Cathi Stark
3 years ago
Reply to  Alan Goldberg

We lived thru numerous water shortages so the water doesn’t run anywhere, even hotels.

Donald N Wright
3 years ago

Not interested in “thrill list” so I could not read the story about Airstream.

Daniel Jandon
3 years ago

upper left corner of “thrill list ” is a small white x to opt out . took me a while to find it .
i do love Airstream .wish i owned one .

3 years ago

Are there any snowbirds that are planning to return north or are there snowbirds currently driving north that can shed some light on their experiences so far. Any problem# finding fuel or are campgrounds staying open. Thinking about heading home early.

Bob p
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

We came home over a month early before this panic started so i couldn’t say about camping facilities, but your fuel bill will drastically be reduced. I filled my toad/car Saturday for $1.859 in south central TN. Diesel prices are comparable.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

So far no issues! Fuel prices for diesel in Texas are very good, we paid $2.14/gallon at our last filling and have not seen any closings, trucks need to roll. I just got an E mail from our next stop in Tennessee at T.O. Fuller State Park informing me that they are open. From there on a full tank I can make it home.

Mike & Cathi Stark
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

It depends on where you are starting and where you are headed. Word here in southern CA is that a lot of the RV parks heading north on I-5 are getting booked with the travelers heading across the border. No fuel issues, but try not fo fill up any more than necessary in CA.

James Moran
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

If your heading into Canada by way of Washington, the Ellensburg KOA is a great place to stop, and is open.

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