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Joke-subpar parks was hilarious. I laughed so hard. Just what I needed. Thanks.

Rick Sorreti

I want to pass along info on an RV Park that has ZERO ethics. BILTMORE RV PARK
4707 Ogeechee Rd Savannah, GA

FACTS: Family made reservations and were required to pay 100% up front. Now we have the corina virus . The mother had a lung transplant anout 12 months ago and her PCP advised not to travel at this time because of her compromised immunity. The park has refused to refund any money instead blaming the family for poor planning. Please support this family and disclosing the ethics of this business


Chuck thanks for another splendid edition of RV Travel.

Wishing you both the best from Lethbridge Alberta where right now 12:47 AM we’re -14C and snowing and drifting like hell.
We’d take your rain on the roof any day.
Can’t wait till June when we get out of here.
All our best. Alvin & Geri.


Hmmm. Wondering about the “ask the shrink” comment today. If these folks are complaining about cost for dumping I assume they must be dry camping or squatting at Walmart. If they were staying in an rv park dumping comes with the site and there is NO additional costs. Otherwise $60 bucks a month is pretty reasonable. Just saying!

Bruce Patt

Chuck…of course you remember that there is lots to see not far south of Kingman. That’s where you’ll find Nothing.


Well I am sorry for anyone suffering the effects and or loss of a family member. We had made reservations for 2 weeks, 90 days in advance, for April. Last night LA county parks cancelled all reservations and closed Dockweilerbeach R V park indefinitely.

Mark D

Even with the Coronavirus out there we are leaving the Portland, OR area for our planned 1 month vacation in Yuma, AZ on Wednesday the 18th. We have a 2009 34′ Mobile Suite 5th wheel so will take 5 days getting down there. I hear that the people in the park are heading home in droves especially the Canucks. They have canceled all the fun events but I need to get away from the rain and cold and put some warmth on my bones.


Hope your roof repairs are holding up with the rain you are experiencing. Thanks for another great newsletter.

T Edwards

First, sad to hear so many have lost their life to what has now been classified as a pandemic.
Great to hear you’re in pine country.
And rain on the roof. Earliest camping memories were from camping (what’s now called boondocking) in the Mojave desert when a rainstorm moved in. Rain on the trailer roof. What a warm, soothing feeling.
Can’t say as I miss desert camping. Love Tahoe, Pacific northwest, the Rockies, and Appalachia. Favorite is still the rain forest and high country evergreens. We’re hunkered down in the Cumberland Plateau home base waiting for spring to pop. Keep safe. Keep dry.