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1 year ago

Found it easier to get a campsite last week than it was to get toilet paper !!!

David Hagen
1 year ago

I just checked your suggested Amazon website for toilet tissue. All the regular stuff is out of stock.

Michael D'Haem
1 year ago

our “Blues Bash at the Ranch” outside of Bradebton Fl. was just cancelled both out of an abundance of caution and the difficulties being encountered by the artists attending.

1 year ago

I realize the RV travel audience is heavy on retirees, but for those of us who are still running a business, I would like to make two suggestions I hope will go viral by folks reposting elsewhere…

1) do NOT advertise that your restaurant or kiddy entertainment is a great place to visit while we’re all shut in. That’s a direct defeat of the entire point of the quarantine!

2) I realize small businesses are harder hit than bigger ones when clients stay in. So instead of #1, sell gift cards at a modest discount, electronic payment. Your business stays afloat now and gets a kickstart when quarantines are lifted.

Scott Walsh
1 year ago

When do you think we might see a small (B or B+) electric RV?

Melissa Cates
1 year ago

This park is located just outside Jasper TX.

The COE park is looking for Volunteers. They need someone ASAP at Sandy Creek COE. This is a non-pay job and back ground check will be required. You will receive a full hook up site with RV covers on all of them except for 2, but that will be coming soon. This is free in return for 20Hrs a week, that’s only 10hrs each per couple. They are asking for a minimum of 6 mths. But theres an opportunity to stay longer after evaluation.
This is an wonderful experience to be able to live at the lake and enjoy all the benefits.

Our jobs are to be very friendly and welcome and check guest in and out. cleans sites for incoming and out going campers. Keep the park free of litter and limbs debris and do task as asked from the park Rangers when needed. We don’t mow (unless they request) or clean restrooms (except for checking for toiletries). They have contractors for both of these jobs.
This is very laid back and fun opportunity for RVER’S that are able to do the easy task
The picture posted is an example of the RV covers.
Contact, Ranger on duty
409-429-3491 — at Sandy Creek Park. Lake BA Steinhagen Lake.

1 year ago

I was asked how I am dealing with this outbreak and I told them I am building a ladder on the walls of my house so I can climb them. If this is not over and done with by summer I can add lyme to my corona.

1 year ago

We have those magnetic door stops all over our sticks and bricks house. Great little piece of technology.

1 year ago

Maybe an article on how Amazon, which you promote, is getting away with letting their vendors price gouge the heck out of products in demand……This morning I saw MANY things like hand sanitizer with a delivery date of 6-7 weeks away and over $100.00 for 2 12oz bottles…….Ebay is the same…..

1 year ago

Amazon, ebay, etc all clamped down on that in the past week. Banned thousands of sellers, apparently. There’s an article in The NY Times if you want to read.

1 year ago

Send them a message don’t buy them, use soap and water and wash properly like you (probably) always have.

Retired UPSer
1 year ago

Visitors have been a favorite target of taxing authorities for a long time. Lodging taxes have become a very important source of income for every level of government. They can say that the money is going to help increase tourism but in reality it just frees up that part of their budget so it can be spent somewhere else and who better to tax than those who can’t vote? Taxation without representation used to be a rallying cry…… didn’t it?

1 year ago
Reply to  Retired UPSer

We can still vote with our “feet”!

1 year ago

What I want too know is this. Which one of you pushed the panic button and cause the U.S. to run out of toilet paper and paper towels.
At least the paper making industry should be busy for a while. I work for a lumber mill and we make lumber for pallet companies so we should be busy making lumber for the pallet companies.
This is the only good thing about this virus is some companies should be busy for a while.

Rich Thelen
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff

in my opinion,if the manufacturers ramp up production to compensate for the sudden demand they will have an abundance of product shortly because the usage rate will remain constant. It will be weeks before the hoarders exhaust their supply and need to replenish which will result in an over abundant inventory of product.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff

People who live in areas hit by storms and hurricanes are not surprised by the run on toilet paper and other supplies because we know what we need to get by for a few days to several weeks. We know the supply chain slows before and after a storm.

When getting ready for a storm, we go by the motto “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

I keep storm supplies year round. I just rotate out perishable goods throughout the year. By doing this, I am not spending a chunk of money at one time and I avoid the crowds. Because I have gone without electricity, water, and experienced the need to keep mold and mildew at bay, I have all the supplies that are now hard to come by.

I do not see the need to make light of the confusion and stress that others are feeling. This is what happens when a first time event occurs. I see it every year with people who have never experienced a hurricane. I do not make fun of them, and if I know them, I just hand over a list of needed supplies to help take their stress level down a notch.

And yep, I have plenty of toilet paper and paper towels.

1 year ago

You had a add saying to try Amazon to get toilet paper. Last week my daughter went to order some, they wanted over $60 freight for the TP. And yes is a prime member.

mike henrich
1 year ago

On the list of upcoming RV Shows…..add York, Pa to the cancelled list.

Steve flippo
1 year ago

Note to self…stay away from estacada, oregon.

Bill T
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve flippo

Anything worth seeing in Estacada?

Donald Paulin
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve flippo

Please explain your dissing of Estacada.

1 year ago
Reply to  Donald Paulin

Taxes, nuff said. RVers need to vote their displeasure with government taxing them to visit their state…go figure.