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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 893

Issue 893 • May 2, 2018
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RVing Tip of the Day

Changes coming to this newsletter 
By Chuck Woodbury
We’re tweaking the format of this newsletter beginning next week. The opening article which normally appears in this space will be gone. After about 900 issues, we’ve said just about everything we can say about RVing that’s worth dwelling on yet again. When we do have something to say that demands more space, we’ll post it as a stand-alone article with a link to click to read it.
Still, there is plenty of quality advice to dispense. But from now on, we’ll present it to you in bite-sized morsels — with information of interest to both brand-new RVers and 30-year veterans. Our staff of experts at will contribute, but we hope you will, too.
If you have a tip to share, please email it to Please keep the advice less than 120 words with a photo if necessary. Our goal is to make this newsletter increasingly valuable to you down the road.

Read yesterday’s tip: Protect your pets from wily coyotes.

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The EASY way to buy window shades
Carefree‘s Simply Shade Window Awning is the first cash and carry complete window awning system that can be bought off of dealer shelves and installed the same day! Simply Shade Awnings fit windows up to 36″ tall. Click here to learn more. 


Check your battery shutoff switch
From reader Joe Brignolo: “If you have a battery shutoff switch, as I do, make sure that switch is ON. More than once I have started the troubleshooting process only to find that switch in the OFF position. Inadvertent operation of that switch when looking for the compartment lights could leave you in the dark.” Thanks, Joe!

Make yourself an RV “punt-kit”
With electricity expert, Mike Sokol
No, we’re not talking football. Make yourself a “punt-kit” for the road. A punt is what you do when you’ve run out of all other options. A punt-kit is a box with all the bits and pieces you need to get things running. It’s invaluable when you’re sitting on the side of the road out of cell range and your RV won’t move. My pro-audio punt-kits are a thing of beauty with dozens of strange connectors, spare power supplies, etc. For your RV punt-kit, you just need to carry the spare parts that might be damaged or lost. So think spare fuses, bulbs, serpentine fan belt, fuel filters, hose clamps, jumper cables, an LED flashlight with spare batteries, gaff tape, WD-40, etc. – basically, anything you can use for a quick fix. Hey, I even carry a pop-rivet gun with an assortment of various size rivets, and every color electrical tape you can imagine.

Important air conditioner maintenance reminder
Tom Buchholzer sent in a tip on air conditioner maintenance: “I had a leak which stained the ceiling of my RV because the drain holes in the air conditioner pan were plugged. It is VERY important to be sure that the drains are clear and open while servicing the unit.” Good reminder, Tom.

In the past few years have high winds forced you off the road?

Summer is coming! Protect your tires
Tires are expensive. So get as much life as you can from them. One guaranteed way to shorten their life is to keep them exposed to the sun. So here’s the no-brainer advice of the day: Cover them. The price you pay for the covers will save you far more in the long run. Learn more or order.


Readers’ Favorite Recipes!
Did you know we feature our readers’ favorite recipes in our RV Travel Newsletter? See what our readers are cookin’ and try one of their recipes for yourself! Want to be featured? Send your favorite RV recipes to emily (at) 

DIY Natural Bug Repellent  
Wellness Mama is at it again with a great article on homemade bug sprays. Make your own repellent in just five minutes! You’ll sure smell better (to humans) than you would with that store-bought stuff. 

National Geographic, National Parks
We trust that National Geographic will deliver us cute animal photos and amazing landscapes, right? But did you know that they also have the best guides to our National Parks? Mhmm! Use this great information to plan your visits to the parks. 

Check out the long list of great RVing-related websites from

Full-timers: Need an RV Home Base?
Then you need Americas Mailbox! You’ll enjoy great tax advantages with your South Dakota “residency,” like no state income tax and low insurance rates (second lowest in the USA says the Insurance Information Institute). Many plans are available. View the video where RV Travel editor Chuck Woodbury talks with Americas Mailbox owner Don Humes. Or click here to learn more or enroll.


Important, easy, electric safety tip
Switch off the circuit breaker at the shore power before plugging in! When leaving, switch the circuit breaker off before unplugging. Just for fun, note the times that you pull into a campsite and the breaker is still on. That tells you that the previous occupant really didn’t know what he was doing, was living dangerously, and had not read this tip! Thanks to Ron Jones,

Torque wrench torture
The particular type of wrench I have should be stored at it’s lowest setting, or the calibration may go out. I suggest people who own torque wrenches check with the manufacturer to see if there are specific storage recommendations. Thanks to Russ for the tip.

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CJ Woody
5 years ago

I’m new to the RV travel newsletter but have been camping for several years. I appreciate your articles. I am a “do it yourself-er” who enjoys making things for my RV. I would love to share some of the things I have made for our RV if you had a place for that. Just let me know. Thanks and happy camping. Thanks!

5 years ago

The comments section for the Ticks article is closed, but there is a mistake in the recommendations: if you can’t get a tick out yourself, don’t leave it in and put alcohol on it. See a doctor or nurse practitioner TODAY and have them remove the tick. The longer the tick is in you the more likely you will be infected by whatever diseases the tick carries.

5 years ago

Don’t sell yourselves short. You´ve done a great job and should continue. There is never enough to say about rving. Keep up the good work.

5 years ago

Please do not stop your weekly article. It is what I look forward to the most especially your traveling experiences. After all it is called RV Travel.

Larry Patterson
5 years ago

Please continue with your daily joke!!!!

Brian Holmes
5 years ago

Keep reporting ” The Good the Bad and the Ugly ” I want to know what`s really going on not what I would like to see.

Tommy B
5 years ago

Where is leave with a laugh?

5 years ago
Reply to  Tommy B


Peggy Flickinger
5 years ago
Reply to  Tom


Becca Ray
5 years ago


Robert Hartley
5 years ago

Your newsletters give helpful tips. Please do not be so negative in the lack of new campground and the over 400,000 new RV’s sold each year. Having spent a lot for our new motorhome the last thing we need to hear is hiw hard it is getting to find a camping spot. There is nothing we owners can do about it. We have already have spent time with the multitude of warranty problems and dealing with Camping World. I prefer you stick to the helpful information artucles amnd how to fix problems.Thank you.

Chuck Woodbury
5 years ago
Reply to  Robert Hartley

Robert, crowding is an issue and it will only get worse. You say there is “nothing we RV owners can do about it,” to which we say, “yes, there is.”

5 years ago
Reply to  Chuck Woodbury

I concur,Chuck. Sometimes silence is not golden.

Robert Pulliam
5 years ago
Reply to  Robert Hartley

Somebody’s got to “sound the alarm”, I’m sorry about the problems you’ve experienced, I for one am glad to hear someone who’s telling the truth about the RV world. P.S. you’ve learned an important lesson about camping world, I wouldn’t buy toothpicks from them.

Penny Heist
5 years ago
Reply to  Robert Pulliam

But unfortunately, Camping World is buying out all the nice local stores!

John Crawford
5 years ago
Reply to  Robert Hartley

Knowing that the RV industry is getting crowded and the possibility of a shortage of camp grounds makes me realize that I’m going to have to plan better during the summer. It also shows me that most of the new RVers are just weekenders so I’ll make sure to have a good campground before the weekend.

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