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Rene Maloon

Any help for getting a mechanic to help us start our RV. We’ve called several in our area & so far, no luck. Stored it all winter- took the batteries out. Now she won’t start.

Sherry Dawson

There was a suggestion from Kent Bentz to use leftover bacon grease as fire starters. I don’t recommend that for two reasons: (1) In bear country, you’re sending out a personal invitation to visit in that campfire smoke. . .and other critters will come to investigate, too. (2) You’re missing out on the tastiest cornbread ever! I save my bacon grease to use instead of oil in cornbread. Then I cook the cornbread in a covered iron skillet over a campfire, on the grill, or on the RV stovetop. Cook for 10 minutes on low heat, turn once and cook for 10 more minutes. Delicious!

Barbara Hagen

Thank you for keeping the lack of RV spaces up front in this newsletter. If the trucking industry can do it the RV industry should be able to. I propose that the RV industry involve major hotels with extra land to set up RV sites. We see them out west. Also, RV dealers need to step up and build parks. They sell them so they should also park them.

John Hiler

I’m still waiting for comments on an electronic device on the tank and water signal board that would show that the rv was correctly connected to the power and adequately grounded.

Larry j welsh

I can’t get in to donate. The web page does nothing.

Steve Barnes, Kamloops, BC

Jim Twamley from the editorial above:
Vivian Grybko is a widow from Kansas who began traveling as a full-time RVer after her husband died. I asked her how many close friends she has in the RV community and she said, “More than I ever had when I was living in one place for many years.”
How very true. How many neighbours do you know as friends in your high rise apartment? Probably not even the ones on the same floor.
The widow quoted is a full timer. As a half timer our new friends have almost all come from RVing and from all corners of North America. As a half timer it is not a trip, just another adventuresome home.
Not mentioned but in RVing there are 30 minutes of chores to do every day. At a freehold home it seems to be 4 hours.
Great article by Jim Twamley, guest editorialist.

Phil McCraken


Quite incoherent of you. Try making a cohesive statement.

Steve Parks

Wondering if the RV Industry doesn’t really care about full timers or big RV’s because it might be too small a percentage of overall RV’s. Do you have any idea what that percentage is?
Similar to why Flying J or Loves doesn’t cater more to RV’s. We’re less than 1% of their business.


I wonder how Mr. Andersen would feel if someone scratched graffiti on his chest…… something like……I am an imbecile ! He should be given the max penalty in both fine and jail time !!!!!