Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Instant Pot Cookin’: Super-Yummy Meatballs

By Nanci Dixon These super-yummy meatballs are easy and quick to make in the Instant Pot™. I have been keeping the Instant Pot on the RV...

Recipe: Instant Pot Spicy Chicken Curry Soup (Warning: This WILL make you hungry)

By Nanci Dixon I should title this "Bad Cook – Good Instant Pot" – because almost everything I make in the Instant Pot™ comes out...

Time to pull out your Instant Pot! Try this delicious soup recipe

By Nanci Dixon In a recent poll, 37% of you responded that you have an Instant Pot® but don't use it very often. Same with...

Reader’s favorite recipe: Lisa’s Strawberry Cake

By Emily Woodbury If you've been to the grocery store lately, you've probably noticed the empty baking aisle. I mean, who doesn't turn to a...

Readers’ Favorite Recipe: Einar’s Grilled Corn (with bacon!)

By Emily Woodbury STAFF WRITER We might be getting a little bit ahead of ourselves with this one here, as far as seasonality goes, but...

Readers’ Favorite Recipe: The BEST Banana Bread

By Emily Woodbury STAFF WRITER If you don't like bananas, you're weird. Just kidding. But if you don't like banana bread you really are weird. That...

Readers’ Favorite Recipe: Vegetarian Lasagna

By Emily Woodbury STAFF WRITER Ok, I'm cheating a little bit here. This isn't one of your recipes. This is one of my favorite recipes,...

Reader’s Recipe: Einar’s Crockpot Sausage Risotto

By Emily Woodbury STAFF WRITER I happen to LOVE risotto, but sadly I don't make it as much as I'd like to. I could eat...

Readers’ Recipes: Einar’s Chuckwagon Range Rub

By Emily Woodbury STAFF WRITER Not much has changed in my life since I wrote last week, moaning about getting back into the kitchen after...

Readers’ Recipe: Irv’s Make-Ahead Frittata Muffins

By Emily Woodbury STAFF WRITER We've all done enough cooking for the holidays, right? I don't want to be in my kitchen (or any other,...

Readers’ Recipe: Margaret’s Grilled Polenta Bites With Cheese

  By Emily Woodbury STAFF WRITER OK, so, I have to admit... I've made this twice for myself already. It's so good and, well, maybe a little bit...

Reader’s Recipe: Flourless Plantain Cake

  By Emily Woodbury STAFF WRITER I love plantains. Whenever I'm out at a restaurant with plantains on the menu, I order about five sides of...