Friday, March 24, 2023


RVers who carry a firearm should pack this along to save them from trouble

It’s February, and that means a new edition of the annual Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States is hot off the press. We know from our surveys that about half of the readers of carry a firearm with them all the time or some of the time.

We’re not here to discuss the pros or cons of carrying a firearm, but because so many of our readers do carry one, we believe it’s important to let them know about this very popular guide, published in late January 2023, which covers all 50 states plus Canada and Mexico. More than one million copies of this book have been sold since it debuted in 1996.

This 2023 edition covers all the basics for armed travel. What is legal in one state could be a felony in another. This book should be used as a reference before entering a new state so you know what to expect as you approach. Clear writing gives you the basics for every state. Plus, each state is rated for its relative freedom, based on its gun laws, from zero to 100.

The danger of traveling into areas where you do not know the specific laws about carrying a firearm can land you in jail. It happens. You do not want to go that route.

The book may be available in some bookstores, but the best bet is to order it from Amazon, where it sold for $16.95 the last time we looked.

P.S. If you order using the link above from Amazon, we get a tiny commission. If you want to go directly to Amazon, that’s perfectly fine, you’ll pay the same. Just stayin’. . .

We are not allowing commenting on this article, because we know from experience that writing anything about firearms leads to arguments. Our intent here is simply to alert firearm owners about this book, which we think should be an essential resource for them to stay out of trouble.



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