Secure your keys in HitchSafe receiver safe



Secure  valuables with HitchSafe

By Bob Difley

Do you ever fear that you may lose your keys during a hike? According to the best thieves, there is no perfect place to hide your keys in your campsite or on your RV that they can’t find. But now HitchSafe may have solved that problem.

The HitchSafe HS7000 Key Vault slides into your hitch receiver and locks. When open it is large enough for not only keys, but also an emergency credit card, cash or driver’s license. Then hide its existence with an ordinary looking dust cover that conceals and protects it.


Converts receiver into concealed vault
The durable, all-metal HitchSafe converts your receiver into a vault. The hitch pins are secured inside receiver via 2 sliding bars that can only be accessed with a 4-dial combination drawer that offers 10,000 different combinations. The HitchSafe can secure keys, license, cash and credit cards.

Great for outdoor activities where keys are a hassle or can be lost
HitchSafe can store spare keys for quick and secure access. It can also be utilized for sharing access with friends/family or special situations such as outdoor sports where carrying keys can be problematic and credit cards/cash left inside vehicle would otherwise run the risk of being stolen.

Concealed key storage that will not fall off like magnetic key holders
If your magnetic key holder has not joined millions of them that have fallen off vehicles and now lie on the roadside, the magnetic holders are still an open invitation for someone to steal your car because all thieves know where they are hidden. HitchSafe is contained within the solid steel structure of the hitch.

Inside the box
• Vault that slides into receiver
• 10,000-combination drawer
• Dust cover
• 2 nickel cadmium bolts (interlock with sliding bars inside vault)
• 2 foam O-rings to seal bolts
• 4 foam flange seals/spacers

You can find the HitchSafe on Amazon.

You can find Bob Difley’s RVing e-books on Amazon Kindle. Follow on BoondockBobblog.

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Penny Heist

We have one of these and it’s a Godsend for the times we’ve left our keys in the truck! I wouldn’t be without it!