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Simplify your life with FloJet portable RV waste pump



FloJet macerator

By Bob Difley

Dumping your RV waste tanks is the slowest, messiest job in the RV world, but not anymore! The FloJet Portable RV Waste Pump system chomps down the waste in your holding tanks to garden-hose size at 25 gallons per minute. Macerators are one of the greatest parts invented for RVers. The FloJet Portable Waste Pump breaks up all the waste in your gray and black water tanks to 1/8 of an inch, making dumping quick and easy. Simply clip on the FloJet Macerator to your waste valve assembly with the convenient bayonet hooks. The FloJet is faster and easier than the old stinky slinky, emptying a 40-gallon holding tank in less than 5 minutes!

Have you searched the RVers’ travel guide trying to find a dump station on the way to the next campsite? With the FloJet Portable RV Waste Dump system you can dump your tank into your toilet at home or sewer drain — no more stops at expensive dump stations before you reach the house after your trip!

The FloJet Portable RV Waste Pump macerator has two attachment nozzles, one for a standard garden hose to flush the system and the other for a garden hose to dump the system. You do not need to buy costly sewer hoses made for RVs — a standard 3/4-inch garden hose from the local hardware store is all you need.

You want to keep your distance from the macerator as it works its magic? There is a remote start that comes with six feet of lead wire so you can remotely activate your FloJet Waste Pump. A handy, rugged and portable storage case protects the system and all its components — macerator, remote control and power cord — when it is not in use.

Learn more or buy at Dyers Online.

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Mike Laderoute
5 years ago

I found this unit on the web last year and have been using it since. It is fantastic. I installed a septic input at home but found it was up hill so the convention RV hose did not work due to gravity. Once I installed the FloJet unit I was able to dump my tanks, even up hill, which were some 50 feet from the port. It is quick, clean and easy. The only draw back is getting it set up. Note that you will need a 12DC Jack available to power the unit. Once you have that, dumping your tanks is no longer a hassle. Everyone should have one.

5 years ago

We have the exact model (well maybe an older model) that we use regularly. We used to use it to dump tanks at our sticks and bricks house. The sewer clean out was about 45 feet from where the water bay on the motorhome ended up while parked at home, so I invested in a heavy duty rubber 3/4″ hose, 2 25 foot pieces. We were able to forego the last dump on the way home if necessary, or just dump and run, then do a thorough flush when we got home. Or if we had company we could put them in the MH and could dump without moving.
Now that we are full time, we use the pump when we have no sewer hookup at county/state/national/forest service parks. We carry a portable grey tank on a carrier on the back of our jeep. With the pump we can pump the tanks into the portable tank on the jeep and drive the jeep to the dump station, rather than having to move the MH.
I wouldn’t be without a good macerator pump.
Good article and right on point.

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago
Reply to  Grumpyoldtimer

Thanks Grump. I’ve been thinking about one of these for a couple years now. I’ve read a few bad reviews (mostly about the quality of parts), but for the most part, everyone seems to be in love with them. I might hit the “Order” button soon.

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