RV travels down icy highway with slideouts extended


We found this photo on a Facebook group called RV Fun Stuff. We think this is really more like “RV scary stuff”! More than 400 people commented on the photo, but no one knew the real reason the slides were out. A few of the comments:

• “Maybe the slides are frozen and they couldn’t get them in.”
• “Less time to break camp and set up.”
• “They must have forgotten to put them in after camping at Walmart National Park.”
• “Probably wanted to leave early and didn’t want to wake the wife. LOL So thoughtful!”
• “Hope there are no toll booths.”

Whatever the reason, we suggest you never try this.


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gelé ou pas tu ne prends pas la route comme ça !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If it was a commercial vehicle the driver would have an out of service order and numerous citations for moving the vehicle, regardless of the reason for the slides being extended. Laws regarding the safety of a vehicle to operate on the highway apply to all. RV’ers, rather than pay for road service sometimes ignore a problem or inconvenience to themselves in deference to the safety of others.


Actually the road was closed due to snow and they put the slides out, turned the heat on and kicked back in the camper. They should’ve got the story correct before posting this.

Tom Edelman

“WHAT WAS THAT !” I screamed at the loud noises as I drove. I flashed a glance in my rear to see our slide in the other lane. On its way out it sliced thru our full length mirror and stopped on the Propane sensor. Ok imagine here …. suddenly hearing the cracking of glass slowly breaking followed by a screaming propane monitor blearing away. With no place to pull over right away we finally found refuge on a small shoulder. I checked our situation and looked where we were. Not good. Dripping wet I returned inside, we had no cell signal. We were without help at least till El Paso. I drove with the slide out for 120 miles thru El Paso to a place that helped push in slide. It took four big guys to help me. Saying thanks I continued to Tucson, AZ and had it fixed…. or so I thought. Months later I had a new roof put on to fix water leaks. Since we had the roof redone … no more problems on our 2016 Dynamax DX3.

Captn John

Too much celebrating, no sleep, and could not find the switches?

mike neely

I had a friend who had 1 slideout stuck out. no matter what he tried he could not get it in. He had to leave the campground. So he drove with it out to a repair center.

Dalton Mccormick

I think they are frozen

Dalton Mccormick

Maybe he was just trying keep people from passing

David Totten

We were at the south rim of the Grand Canyon a few years back and came across a guy going down the road with his awning out. We tried to get his attention to no avail. Finally, when he came to a stop, I was able to get beside him and tell him. So what did he do? Panicked and pulled off the road and let his awning hit some trees. He was on day three of a three month trip around the US. His excuse? “ in Europe they come in automatically when you start the engine.”

Michael McCracken

I am a full time RV traveler. It amazes me at some of the things you see. Surely things might be the fault of a mechanical problem? However, I have found that stupidity can play a role. Having worked in an RV Park, I have observed several travelers who have limited to no experience on how their trailer, motorhome operates. In my opinion they have no business on the road. Prior to my hitting the road in my motorhome, I read all the operations manuals, watched YouTube videos and took a trial run.


This is a RED BULL trailer. It has wings!!!

Donald N Wright

Driving on an icy road with minimal braking available, perhaps he was attempting a little more aerodynamic drag to stabilize his trailer,,,

Bob Godfrey

“This could never happen to me” right? We once drove 149 miles before we realized that a small awning was still extended from the pax side in our bedroom and that was after we ran our “checklist” before leaving a campground that morning and after my wife did her walk around the motor home too. Just goes to show that you can look at something and not actually see it. So, now we have a good laugh every time we run the checklist before we leave a spot and I do a re-check of my awnings too!

David Howard

Maybe he thought that by leaving the slide outs in the open position he was widening his stance to gain more traction on the slippery road.

Omer Murray

This happened to me once in 95. We had recently bought a 5 w and were coming back from Yosemite. On 99, just south of Bakersfield, the large living room slide came out as we were moving. You cannot imagine how shocked and surprised I was to see it coming out in my mirror. I quickly pulled over and put it back in. I had no idea how it happened.
After driving some more miles, just before the Grapevine, the slide came out again. I stopped and brought it back in and removed the fuses for both slide motors. I took it back and switches were installed that completely isolated the motors from the power and we never had the problem again.
The cause: It seems the switches could be activated by strong radio waves from bootleg CBs running linears that popular at the time.
For those that don’t understand what a linear is, it is a device that allows a CB’er to talk around the world. I later knew a trucker who would talk to friends in Australia using his linear CB. They were/are illegal because the strong radio waves affect other radios and medical devices such as heart monitors and much more.

Tommy Molnar

I’m guessing there MUST be a ‘logical’ (well, maybe that’s pushing it a bit) reason for this. I can’t see ANYONE not knowing the slides are out, no matter HOW new you are to RV’ing. And then heading off in snowy conditions like this to boot? Nah, there has to be a reason.

Bill T

Did anyone pull up beside the vehicle and let the driver know or try to help the guy?

Bob p

You can’t fix stupid!