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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1229

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend or a meaningful day. —Dalai Lama 

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Dewey Decimal System Day!

Tip of the Day

Shopping online for a motorhome? Here’s advice on sites

With RV show season almost upon us, here are some tips on where you can do some online shopping and/or research before attending a show and being dazzled (and maybe “blinded”) by all of the bling. Or, conversely, you can check out the bling in person and then shop online to find a better deal on what you fell in love with at the show.

Suggestions from Bill Myers: – I check the “motorhomes for sale” section of eBay almost every day to see what people are bidding on different motorhomes – especially the models I’m interested in. I usually don’t buy motorhomes on eBay, as the auction bidding process can drive prices higher than I want to pay. For me, eBay is a good place to see what people are paying for motorhomes and a good place to sell motorhomes. But not always the place to get the best deal when buying. – I’ve found a number of good deals using Craigslist. But I also find lots of fraudulent offers for non-existent motorhomes from scammers. My experience has been if a craigslist list ad for a motorhome doesn’t include a phone number, it very likely is a scam. If the seller isn’t willing to talk to you on the phone, or won’t tell you where you can see the motorhome, or tells you he is deployed overseas, or needs to sell the motorhome to raise money for a wedding, it’s probably a scam. If you learn to recognize and avoid the scam listings, you can sometimes find a great deal on a motorhome being offered by a perfect seller on Craigslist. – I use this free website to search all craigslist locations nationwide or by region or state for specific keywords. [Editor: This is a classified ad search engine.] – A site that compiles motorhome for sale listings from a large number of classified ad and dealer websites. You can search by model as well as by distance from your home and you can set it to notify you when a new ad is posted matching your search criteria. Often, Oodle will have motorhomes that don’t show up on eBay or Craigslist. – Filled with mostly dealer listings, but does include listings by individuals. Asking prices are typically higher here, usually full retail and more, but deals can be found.

From Buying a Used Motorhome – How to get the most for your money and not get burned. Available on

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See the heavens up close at this RV park

For those who want to get “up close and personal” with stars but lack a spaceship – here’s one way: Check out your favorites from an observatory in the desert Southwest. But even better than driving to and from an observatory in the middle of the night, how about just stepping out of your rig, walking a few feet and peering through a large university-grade telescope? Find out where here.

Yesterday’s featured article: A downside to full-time RVing

Reader poll

Quick Tip

Cut down on food costs and prep time

Keeping food costs down can also result in keeping time spent in the galley reduced, providing more time for other pursuits. Here’s a tip for the rolling chef: When preparing meals, consider if your menu choices can be prepared in larger portions and reprised at a later date. Can you make double or triple portions and put the leftovers in the freezer? You’ll save on time, often on ingredients, and later, after a long day on the road, your frozen meals can be popped in the microwave or gently reheated while left in the bag and warmed up in a pan of water.

Random RV Thought

A hard rain pounding on a roof can make a lot of noise inside an RV. Most RVers like the sound. It reminds them that while it is nasty outside, they are very cozy inside their small, portable house.

Website of the day

BBB Scam Tracker
As of this posting, there are nearly 178,000 scams that have been reported and are being investigated by the Better Business Bureau in the U.S. and Canada. Search the results by keywords, scam type, date, etc. Spot a business or offer that sounds like an illegal scheme or fraud? Tell the BBB about it so they can investigate and warn others.

This small LED cactus lamp is a must-have for desert-loving RVers! Click.
For any fan of The Golden Girls, they need these.
Mmm…that smells like…bacon? Click

And the Survey Says…

We’ve polled readers more than 1,500 times in recent years. Here are a few things we’ve learned about them:

• 9 percent have had their RV severely damaged by hail.
• 24 percent of our reader’s pets wear a seatbelt.
• 11 percent are left-handed.


The duffel bag gets its name from the town of Duffel, Belgium, where the cloth used in the bags was originally sold.

Where does the word PEZ come from and what does it mean? You’d know if you read yesterday’s issue!

Handheld sewing machine is a must-have for RVers

This portable sewing machine is perfect for your RV. The machine is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, allowing great control and easy operation. Great for silks, denim, wool, leather, and to hem pants, jeans, hanging curtains and crafts, etc. It can repair drapes without taking them down, repair clothing without taking it off, and repair bedding without stripping the bed. It’s so neat you’ll want to buy one here.

Leave here with a laugh

What did one tectonic plate say when he bumped into another tectonic plate?
Sorry, my fault.

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Roy Ellithorpe
3 years ago

The little old lady was discovered with a handgun, a shotgun and a rifle. When asked what she was afraid of she replied “not a {bleeped} thing”.

RV Staff
3 years ago
Reply to  Roy Ellithorpe

😆 I have a .357 Magnum S&W, a very protective 100 lb. dog who will attack anyone or anything that tries to get near me, and a 6’8″ Marine combat veteran son who owns the house next door. So I’m not afraid of much, either. 😀 —Diane at

Rory R
3 years ago

It makes no difference whether it is the wide open spaces while boondocking, an RV park or resort, a campsite in a NP or SP, or on the parking lot at Wally-mart. For those who perceive danger at every turn, they will be nervous, frightened or just downright scared. You take simple precautions, be aware of your surroundings and realize what will be will be. Relax and enjoy your life. I got enough grey hair just rearing my family….. It is now my time and I’m going to enjoy it…

Gene Bjerke
3 years ago

As to safety, safe from what? A spot in the wilderness puts you far from city baddies, but perhaps right in the middle of bear or cougar country. For those of us who are older, a site in an urban campground puts you among a lot of people, some of whom may be nasty, or just thoughtless; but close to help for a medical emergency. Depends on what you want to be safe from.

Tony King
3 years ago

A Thief has many more opportunities at a RV Park and many ways to escape, hide or disguise what he/she is up to. Anything can happen anywhere.
That being said we are very “Street Wise” no matter where we travel and stay as we approach 100,000 miles traveled in all 48 States & Canada in our RV since 2012

Mark B
3 years ago

Violent movies, like those directed by Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers are (considered) entertainment, not what I will experience.

Sensational shooting or stabbing in a campground or the boonies is a once in a million nights event.

Maybe someday somebody with break in, or take off with my extension cord, but I am infinitely more likely to leave something behind or forget to unplug the cord before moving.

All the machismo “I can protect myself”, “let them come knocking”, hinting they are a proud gun-toting frontiersman is disturbing though. I was able to replace my generator and refrigerator with all the money I saved never buying any guns. Who is smarter now?

3 years ago

Bill, good points re: motorhomes on ebay. When you’re on ebay, on the left side, scroll down, you’ll see a box that says “Sold Items”. It doesn’t matter much what something is listed for but if you click on “Sold Items” you’ll see what the actual selling price was for the category you’re looking at.

3 years ago

Out and away from the crowd. No issue protecting myself or companions in either location but I prefer open spaces.

3 years ago

Let me try to understand. People are responsible for crime. There are more people in RV parks in close proximity than there are while boondocking. If anyone approaches my boondocking spot, I am prepared….not so much in a RV park.

Bob Godfrey
3 years ago

As for the survey my answer would be neither. There are bad people everywhere and anywhere.

Kaeleen Buckingham
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob Godfrey

It did say which do you consider SAFEST, not where are all the bad people.

3 years ago
Reply to  Bob Godfrey

I agree Bob they’re everywhere, especially where the easy opportunities present themselves – if you get my drift.

3 years ago

Not so much I want to discuss something. Just want the poor person who took a very cold shower to know how bad I feel. Only after I stopped laughing so hard. Been there, done that. Except when it happen to me, I had to run back to a two room tent. It was very difficult to tell them what happened when your teeth are sounding like a woodpecker.

3 years ago

We have boondocked throughout our home country of Mexico since 2001. Only once has someone knocked on the door at night. A military convoy heading south stopped for the night and “asked us” if they could camp next to us! We love the night skies, the ocean waves at night on a quiet, lonely beach, or the cold air after a hot day in the desert. You just can’t get that in an rv park. We’re very social and have boondocked with friends from the U.S. and Canada. We love boondocking in West Texas too where there is so much to see and do. I guess you could say we love the back roads and hidden places.

Bob Weinfurt
3 years ago

I’m in northern New York and also love being where I can enjoy the beauty of my natural surroundings. I’ve also enjoyed the company of other like-minded campers. That’s boondocking at it’s best.

3 years ago

Love today’s joke!

3 years ago

Thanks for confirming what I already knew, that the majority of the folks out there are scared of their shadow and prefer the perceived comfort of a well-lit RV park. I’ll take the privacy and solitude of my boondocking spot. But please, if you take overcome your fright and join me, turn your danged porch light off at night. We like it nice and dark out here so we can see the night sky. Thanks.

3 years ago
Reply to  Willie

Well-lit park = shadows, but they are scared of their own shadow? Makes as much sense as yer answer. Maybe you do not want to see your own shadow, eh?

Stay cool

Bob Godfrey
3 years ago
Reply to  Willie

Kill all the disco lights too!

Cheryl Bacon
3 years ago
Reply to  Willie

LOL Thank you for your kindness

3 years ago
Reply to  Willie

Hey Willie, lets start a campaign to remind folks with their LED porch lights, and underbody discos lamps blazing away that while they’re in their rig falling asleep watching old John Wayne shoot ’em ups on the 70″, there remains nearby outside folks like us who appreciate nature at its darkest.