Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Small fan helps keep RV fridge cool

The typical RV absorption refrigerator is smaller than the one in your home and if you’re like many RVers you tend to over-stuff it, making it difficult for air to circulate to maintain an evenly distributed temperature. This can also cause some of those meat and dairy items to smell a bit after just a couple of days.

If you’d had problems keeping your refrigerator cool this summer, this may be right up your alley. The inexpensive removable refrigerator fan will run for 30 days on two D-cell batteries and has a charcoal filter to absorb odors as it circulates the air in your fridge.

Listed at under $25, you can easily find it online, including Amazon.com. People seem to like it.

Another way to help your refrigerator keep cool is to position your RV at the campsite in the shade, or at least where it does not get the hot afternoon sun. That alone will make a big difference.


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