Monday, September 26, 2022


Video: Starlink Internet Service: The good news and the bad news

There’s good news about SpaceX’s Starlink internet’s customer portal that allows customers to edit their own service address without involving customer service, which was a hassle before. This is a major step toward making Starlink satellite internet service a much more practical solution for RVers.

You can now even enter an address by providing GPS coordinates, Plus Codes, or by dragging an arrow on a map.

That’s the good news. But don’t get too excited just yet – the change will only go through if you select a new location that has Starlink service deployed, and (most critically!) available capacity. For now, coverage is spotty.

In practice – this means that the locations you can actually move Starlink to are still extremely limited. And, as you will learn in this video, there are other issues with using the service today that essentially keep it from being of much value to RVers. Stay tuned!



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