Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Wednesday, June 23, 2021

How many states have you visited in your RV?

Full-time RVing around the country is what life was made for! Wouldn’t you agree? Oh, all the sights to see and adventures to be had!

How many states have you visited in your RV? Just a few? Quite a few? All of them? Please tell us by voting in the poll below. If you can, will you leave a comment saying the exact number and which has been your favorite to visit? We’d love to know! Thanks!

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Retired Firefighter Tom
1 day ago

All 49 states on the continent with three RVs.. Did Hawaii [by air] for our 50th anniversary. It was also the 50th state we saw and the 50th state admitted to the Union!

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
1 day ago

Hot diggity! That’s great, Tom! I’m glad you and your wife were able to accomplish that “bucket list.” I had to look up how to spell “diggity.” In the process I found this song for you: It’s from 65 years ago (but I sure remember it!). I hope you and your new “BFF” have many happy adventures together. 🙂 —Diane

1 month ago

44 in the RV. We have to stay for at least 2 weeks in a state before the sticker goes on the map. We still have Alaska on the list but our favourite area is the mid west.


1 month ago

48 lower contiguous states

1 month ago

26 States and 5 Canadian Provinces, plan an additional 4 States next winter.

Diane Kaminski
1 month ago

I have camped with my dog in 49 states plus all across Canada from one coast to the other.

Bob and Charlotte and Champlin
1 month ago

29 with our 2018 Vanleigh Vilano 325RL and Montana is our favorite

Sue Grant
1 month ago

We have “camped” in 44 states, some once, several a lot, my favorite is Oregon. Have been full time since 2010, started in a tent, pop up, TT, 5th wheel and now coach. Have had fun in each one.

Phil Atterbery
1 month ago

I wish to quantify my answer by stating, that’s just with this particular coach. I could add 8 more with a previous TT. The map is about 70% now. Got to get to the east & mid-Atlantic states yet.

1 month ago

So far only 8. Planning on a whole lot more now that we are both retired and don’t have to do short jaunts!!

John R Rose
1 month ago

49, it don’t float

1 month ago

And we’ve also visited over 40 countries, if you count a Goldwing motorcycle and tent trailer as an RV. We did it for 40 years before we went fulltime in our 2018 Newmar.

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