Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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RVers can’t even escape mice at 22,000-foot elevation!

By Gail Marsh Nope, you can’t escape them. Mice are everywhere. They sneak into the tiniest hole and flatten themselves to squeeze through the smallest...
Mouse proof sewer hose

What do mice and birdseed have in common? Our mice battle continues…

By Nanci Dixon Those who have been reading my battles with mice know that just when I think I have won, the little buggers fool...

Your advice wanted about keeping mice out of your RV

From editor Chuck Woodbury We received this letter the other day and figured it was a good launching point for a discussion about how to...

My new favorite tool: I’ve solved so many RV issues with this gadget!

By Nanci Dixon My new favorite tool was just delivered. It is a Digital Inspection Endoscope that allows me to see into very tight, small,...

Will moth balls repel mice from your RV? Here’s the verdict

Theories abound about ways to keep mice and other rodents out of your home or RV. Some RVers say dryer sheets like Bounce will...

More on rodent repellents: Does mint oil keep them away?

By Nanci Dixon In the never-ending saga of me versus mice (read what I wrote about this last week here), the mice were once again...

World War III: Our RV vs. pack rats, mice and scorpions

By Nanci Dixon Pack rats, mice and scorpions, oh my! We were inundated with all three. Sometimes all three at the same time and sometimes separately....

Has a mouse, rat or squirrel ever taken up residence in your RV?

By Chuck Woodbury A rat moved into my RV last year when it was closed up for winter. I don't know how long it was...

Will Irish Spring soap repel rodents from your RV?

RVers employ a variety of methods to keep mice and other rodents away from their RVs. They may claim that because they put Bounce...

RV pests: How to keep them out of your RV

By Chris Dougherty Certified RV technician One of the most disconcerting things that can happen to an RVer is for his or her RV to become...