Monday, September 26, 2022


RVer Poetry Corner: If the coach is rockin’ …

This week’s poem is from reader Pris Miller, who wrote:

I wrote this poem after observing two geezers in the campground watching our motorhome.

If this motorhome is rockin’
It’s ’cause one of us is knockin’
Himself out doin’
exercise routines.

So no matter what you’re thinkin’
You needn’t be a-winkin’
‘Cause all that bouncin’ isn’t
what you think it means!

Do you have a poem to submit inspired by your RVing? Submit it here. No pay, just fame and glory.


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3 years ago

I think this is hilarious and soooo apt. Adorable, Pris! Thanks for posting. What a great take on that old bumper sticker “If you see this RV a’rockin, please don’t be a knockin!”

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