New pickup truck has 300,000 pound towing capacity


(Nov. 6, 2019) — Tesla watchers have been breathlessly hunting for clues about the company’s long-anticipated electric “Cybertruck.” The anticipation may soon be over.

Today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the long-anticipated pickup truck will be unveiled on November 21 near the SpaceX rocket factory in the port of Los Angeles. “It’s gonna be awesome, it’s gonna be amazing. This will be heart-stopping. It stops my heart. It’s going to look like it came off a movie set.” Musk said recently.

Little is known about the truck now, but Musk once described it as a massive 6-seater with an option for anywhere between 400 and 500 miles of range, packing a monstrous 300,000 pound towing capacity (that is not a misprint). For the non-mathematicians in the crowd, that’s 150 tons!

By comparison, the 2019 Ram 1500 has a towing capacity of 12,750 pounds. But that’s nothing according to Musk when compared to his new pickup.

Musk has made similar statements before. This comment in a blog about the new truck read: “Does anybody think that a Tesla truck will have the ability to take even 3,000 pounds of payload? Because it’s not just whether the thing has enough torque to get the load moving — you need enough brakes to stop it. You need enough suspension to manage the ride. You need enough weight to keep the trailer from wagging the tow vehicle.”

The Tesla Truck’s official unveiling could be scheduled for 2020 at the earliest.

Oh, in case you are interested, Musk confirmed recently that his company has a design for a “submarine car.” He said that while the vehicle won’t be for everyone, its market would be “small but enthusiastic.”

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Matthew Bucar

I ordered a Cybertruck but will probably cancel it. The towing weights worse than some current trucks. No data available on mileage while towing and the way chargers are designed you may have to drop the trailer to charge just like we should drop this entire design.!

A truck should look something like a truck to make use of all the options now available for trucks. The 500 thousand orders will diminish rapidly when production starts. This is a boondooghle.

Bob p

About a week ago more or less Elon Musk was bragging about how his truck could pull 300,000 lbs. when I questioned that I was chastised by a fanboy for doubting his word, now after the introduction we find that the most powerful 3 motor truck is actually rated to tow 14,000 lbs. Where is the fanboy to defend his lying hero now? Musk is a bragger, braggers are liars unless what they say can be backed by fact. I hate liars almost as much as a thief because in a way they are stealing your beliefs. I would never buy one of his products if I could afford it based on his character. I have never been a repeat buyer at a car dealership simply because the sales staff lied to me about the vehicle I bought, it doesn’t matter if it was a “white” lie or not, as my late father would say, “a lie is a lie”.

James Rrynolds

With the problems they have with the productions cars, vs the cost, I can’t see any justification for buying a pickup regardless of towing capacity.


Hmm, most of you are missing what he said; “300,000 towing capacity”! NOT cargo capacity.
And yes, the truck will be able to stop that weight as well, did anyone hear about the NEW invention, trailer axles equipped with brakes!
There are already trucks on highways moving this much weight, here is an example of 200,000#s

Check out the show called “Massive Moves”.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not for electric vehicles yet, they have a long way to go in development plus the generating infrastructure needs to be upgraded too.
At the resort I work at as a property/maintenance manager, we installed two 30 amp charging stations at a cost of $7200Cdn, everybody staying here will have to pay a portion of that cost to benefit maybe 20 to 25 guests per year! 50% of the electric car owners whine about the kilowatt charge quite often saying they can charge for free at Tesla stations, that’s fine and dandy, guess what, Tesla didn’t pay for our charging stations and doesn’t pay for the hydro; I get the idea they think the hydro is free for their cars.


Loren Hollister

Why not. 300,000 is ridiculous but the research into design and possible production may open up opportunities to benefit so many.

Robert Griffin

What about the roads and bridges. Wait until DOT gets hold of this!!!


What commercial, street-legal tire produced ANYWHERE in the world would have specs to haul anywhere even close to that weight?? It’s ridiculous!


Well, I don’t plan on being able to purchase a pickup and start pulling 150 tons anytime soon. That being said, I think we are seeing an approximation of what the future of towing is going to look like. It’s going to be interesting.

Bill Kocken

This is a publicity stunt number. Towing that much weight on an actual road would require a massive frame, and brakes and weight.

Been there

He is all mouth and no show. Take your money up front, then runs.

John Koenig

Where do I get on the list of interested parties?

Brandon D Rousseau

Can anyone say ” TAIL WAGGIN’ THE DOG”

Lexed Evets

This vehicle is rated to pull that much. does not mean it is intended to.
Large coal trucks at mines can haul 200 tons of material plus its own massive vehicle rate at 50mph. they have electric brakes that stop them. Some recharge the brake batteries off of the wheels.
Thir looks are aerodynamic and will set a new design standard.
It may be that Elon’s brain has tapped into another dimension. He puts his money where his mouth is.

Calvin Winge

This is pure hype. There are no public roads in the US that allow a vehicle to tow that much weight. Most are limited to a gross vehicle weight of 72,000 pounds. Even with over weight permits bridges have weight restrictions that would not allow weights anywhere close to that.

B. R.

That must be some GOOD weed ol’ Elon’s smoking.

H. A.

The Tesla pickup truck is not going to appeal to any traditional pickup truck owners. 1) It’s ugly. 2) It’s the size of a big rig. 3) It’s electric,the only way to charge it in most States is from coal powered electric plants. 4) The new DEF powered diesel engine have near zero emissions. 5) There’s no real advantage owning a Tesla pickup over a Ford, GMC, Chevy or Dodge. Because most pickup truck owners aren’t hauling or pulling anything, don’t believe me, watch the highways! Most pickup owners just want to own and drive a pickup truck and the Tesla is just too big to be practical. There isn’t a carport or garage made that will accommodate it for parking. 6) FUBAR!!!


I’m reminded of the plant nursery in St. Louis County that used to display a sign reading, “Parking for 10,000 cars — 12 at a time.” Musk’s vehicles might not blow smoke, but he often does. Tesla’s space exploits have been successful, his automotive attempt far less so.

Al Smith

BS! It would have to have 2 dozen sets of wheels and tires to support 300,000 lbs. and then they’ll immediately throw you in jail for overloading the highway by 220,000 lbs.

Matthew Bucar

If musk is right and the towing ability is massive he will force the big three to upgrade their 1500 series to your a frickin rv trailer without spending 80k. It’s about time with the price of trucks that something reasonable in price can your RV .


You can bad mouth Elon Musk all you want, yes he’s made a LOT of BIG mistakes, but that’s how it goes when you’re out front getting the world to change it’s views. Is he full of himself yes, but so are a lot of other people in the news these days. He’s doing it. Like it or not electric and hybrid vehicles are the future. If you don’t know that, you need to read the business section more often and car magazines. Formula E racing: Yes, the charging grid needs to keep growing/evolving. The industry needs to work out charging or swapping? Will our roads one day be build so that we can charge while driving, Solar? Wither or not his truck will tow 150 ton TBD. I agree, really? Why? Have you heard Ford is building their F series as electric/hybrid and should be out in 2022? If Musk is so far out of his mind why are these other car/truck makers stepping up: I hope they come up with advancements Musk hasn’t.

I’m sure back in the day the horse breeders, horse shoe and carriage makers were in a tizz and they were naysayers of the automobile. Where are the gas stations? How will you be able to drive across the country, heck there are no paved roads, what a joke. This fad won’t last long. Those who saw the change was real, well they reinvented themselves, they went into other industries, manufacturing parts and pieces, sign companies, the traffic light was invented, roads where developed and paved… There will be a lot of other industries built that don’t exist now. Yes, jobs are going way, but new ones are coming. You can sit and whine or you could become the next ‘Musk, Jobs, Gates…’ of the future with one of those ‘peripheral’ businesses. Or you can be like and I’ll just buy the product.

I’ve got the Model 3, dual engine with the extended battery (310 range when fully charged) We’ve had it a 14 months and have 17K miles on it. LOVE it!!! Our Brother-in-law who’s not a believer, drove it in September (first time ever in an EV) when he got out of it, he had to admit it’s the nicest car he’d ever driven. Seriously, if you have the opportunity to drive a Tesla take it.

I believe in the technology I want to keep my brain young. While I love my Tesla, will my next car be a Tesla? TBD I’ll want to see else the competition has going.

Every time I drive my car I feel like….

Jane Jetson