Friday, March 24, 2023


Tesla’s ‘disappearing’ camper, CyberLandr, exceeds $150 million in reservations

Stream It, Inc., has announced its CyberLandr, a “vanishing” camper designed for the Tesla Cybertruck, has surpassed $150 million in reservations. The impressive commercial demand for the product, driven by the anticipated release of the Cybertruck by the close of 2023, has resulted in growing interest from various companies seeking to procure CyberLandr for their business purposes.

A considerable rise in sales was observed following the release of a YouTube video showcasing the CyberLandr. The product received an influx of orders amounting to nearly $1 million in just 24 hours, propelling the total reservations to exceed $150 million.

The disappearing camper technology of CyberLandr and the sturdy design of Cybertruck provide a versatile platform for a variety of business needs, such as on-site services, product demos, and remote project management.

CyberLandr is equipped with integrated solar panels, and Cybertruck has a sizable battery pack, enabling off-grid stays for extended periods depending on weather conditions. In addition, when paired with Starlink internet hardware, a smart TV, an induction cooktop, a recirculating shower, and a dry flush toilet, CyberLandr combines modern-day comforts with the required technology to ensure productivity and connectivity in the event of natural disasters or other emergencies.

CyberLandr’s aerodynamic and discreet design enables it to fold seamlessly into the Cybertruck’s bed, making it suitable for any terrain, including rough terrains, garages, and drive-throughs.

This space-saving and functional amenity is a game-changer for remote professionals and adventure enthusiasts.

As the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions increases, CyberLandr’s high-tech amenities and green energy features make it an attractive choice for environmentally conscious businesses.

The success of this product is a testament to its practicality, innovation, and efficiency, and it clearly demonstrates the growing market for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Visit the CyberLandr’s website here.



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John Lockhart
25 days ago

An accessory for a vehicle that doesn’t even exist? First of all, the writer should have done some fact checking rather than falling victim to Elon’s line of PR crap. The truck will not be seen in 23, probably not even in 24. There are doubts by industry insiders that it could even begin to meet existing safety standards. As for this company claiming to have $150 million in preorders…

24 days ago
Reply to  John Lockhart

Exactly. So 2,200 people have preordered a $70k accessory for a vehicle that MAY get 50 units on the road this year and another 500 in 24, and all of them for another round of beta testing. This is such a far fetched bunch of BS. This is obviously an attempt for someone to scam people off the coattails of Elon’s business. They are only asking for a 100.00 deposit for the reservation so who knows, convince 2,000 people give you a hundred bucks and shut it down. FTX business model.

Tommy Molnar
26 days ago

Sorry. All hype for an add-on to a ‘truck’ that isn’t even being sold yet. Watching the video I noticed NO storage at all. Plus, all that electric activated stuff is just ripe for malfunction. I’ll stick to my much larger ‘moving wall’.

26 days ago

Uh, okay, how much storage space. Plenty of time to watch everything unfold to module desired, lol. Futuristic yes, practical for RV’ing, we’ll have wait and see after the $150 B roll out, haha.

26 days ago

I call BS. $150,000,000.00 in pre-orders? No chance. The 1st million in 24 hours, ok, but 149 million more. Sam Bankman Freid type hype, that is. “Better get in on the ground floor all you campers”.

Last edited 26 days ago by Cancelproof

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