Friday, May 14, 2021
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RV Preview: CyberLandr™ camper for the Tesla Cybertruck2™

By Tony Barthel While a lot of people not familiar with Tesla cars see them as regular cars with electric drivetrains, those who have or...
Elon Musk has suggested the pending new Tesla Cybertruck could be wrapped in rainbow colors.

Rivian challenges Tesla with better EV truck, SUV battery warranty

By James Raia A few months prior to its first deliveries, Rivian has taken the electric vehicle battery warranty lead over Tesla among pickup trucks...
The Rivian electric pickup was introduced two years ago at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Fledgling Rivian EV company faces layoffs, new bosses

By James Raia The much-anticipated debut of the Rivian high-performance, all-electric pickup truck is facing another issue. The company has laid off about 40 employees...
The Tesla CyberTruck wil have massing towing ability but for RVers?

Could the pending Tesla Cybertruck appeal to RVers?

By James Raia The unveiling of the electric Tesla Cybertruck last November attracted as much attention as any vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show....