Monday, October 3, 2022


The yin and yang of RVing

By Chuck Woodbury


Looking out the front window of my RV I see barren, brown hills of Wyoming. A month ago, out of that same window, I saw the Statue of Liberty. After that, I saw the magnificent, exploding fall colors of the Northeast.

Oh, the places I have been, the things I have seen since I left home more than two months ago! My mind is about to burst from so much stimulation.

The last few days I have done something I shouldn’t do — drive my motorhome like a car — fast, on interstates with the sole purpose of getting home as quickly as possible. Really, to drive an RV at such a pace is as ridiculous as chugging a fine wine. But, I am doing it. The tug of home — once you decide that is where you want to be — is very strong, like a giant magnet that pulls harder the closer you get. Traveling back roads, pausing to explore local attractions — well, they hold no interest anymore. It’s all about getting home.

A friend of mine talks often about the “yin and the yang” of things. That’s me — I enjoy one life at home, the other on the road. Together, they balance me. One day, perhaps health or circumstance will keep me in one place or another. Until then I suppose I’ll just keep coming and going.

Photo (left): A motorhome zooms along I-80 by Wyoming’s Little America.


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