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10 ideas for smart, out-of-the-way RV shoe storage

Athletic shoes. Hiking boots. Women’s dress flats. Men’s casual shoes. Steel-toed work boots. Slippers. Water shoes. Flip-flops. So many shoes! Help! We need to figure out shoe storage in our RV!

Do the math!

Assume that my husband and I pack just one pair of each type of shoe listed above. That means at any given time we have as many as 28 individual shoes that need to find a home in our RV. Yipes!

Shoes off at the door

We’ve always abided by the rule, take your shoes off at the RV entry door. This rule has helped keep a lot of dirt, sand, pebbles, leaves, and more debris out of our RV over the years. The problem with our rule is finding where to put the shoes once they’re removed from our feet!

We started out with what’s called a “boot tray.” I bought an oversized one because we needed a place for our work boots at the time. An unusually wet spring meant that our boots were always covered in mud, so onto the boot tray they went. Over time, other shoes joined the work boots on our tray. It didn’t take long for the boot tray to become overwhelmed with shoes. Clearly, we needed something more!

Shoe storage ideas

The RV bed-base

You may have seen this idea because it’s been around for a while. The idea is good, in that you use otherwise non-usable space and make it usable. Here’s how. Hang a shoe organizer, like this one, and cut off as many rows of shoe pockets as you need. Use a staple gun to fasten the pocket rows to the base of your RV bed. Shoes will stay off the floor, out of the way, and yet available when needed.

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Inside ottoman

We have a storage ottoman in our RV’s living room. I modified the previous idea by stapling two rows of shoe pockets to the inside of the ottoman. It works like a charm! (Don’t you love having dual-use items in your RV?) As an alternative, you can simply toss your shoes inside the ottoman, but they won’t store as neatly.

Wine boxes

Cardboard wine boxes feature inserts to hold and protect individual wine bottles. Guess what? You can put your shoes in those spaces to store them, too. Then put the wine/shoe box under the RV bed base or inside the closet. Hint: This idea works best for flats and lightweight athletic shoes. Boots? Not so much.

Cargo nets

These small cargo nets can be installed almost anywhere and will keep shoes off the floor, yet easily accessible. Position them on your closet walls, on the backside of doors, and more. This idea works really well for little kids’ shoes.

Coat hooks

Mount individual coat hooks onto a wooden base. Then screw the base onto an interior RV wall, about a foot off the floor. Slip a shoe onto each hook for convenient storage, like this:

Photo credit:

IKEA shoe storage

Check out the innovative shoe storage ideas from IKEA. Most are very narrow and fit flat to the wall. They take up very little space, so are perfect for your RV.

Curtain clips

We slipped several curtain clips like this onto the rod in our RV closet. We hang our youngest grandchild’s shoe pairs on it. Shoes stay in place until we need them.

Save the box

My husband likes to store his shoes right inside the box they came in. The boxes stack neatly on our closet floor, saving space. Plus, no searching for “the other shoe.”

Tension rods

Make a DIY shoe rack by positioning two tension rods, both at the same level, one in front of the other, to form an open shelf. Then place shoes on top of the rods. Note: You’ll fit more shoes if you stagger them, one shoe pointing out, the matching shoe pointing toward the wall.

Scrap wood and corner braces

If you have wall space, you can make inexpensive floating shoe storage like this:

Photo courtesy of

Do you have an innovative idea for storing shoes in your RV? Please share it with us.



Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.


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Jeff Mattingly
1 year ago

I made a box frame from .75″ x 5″ wood, put a couple hinges on .75″ plywood lid for each side of the bed. They’ll store 5 -6 pair of shoes and make it easier to get into bed. I also off set the lid a few inches from the bed side to allow hanging a thin wooden basket for shoe storage similar to the plastic organizer idea. BTW @ 240 lbs I don’t have any trouble with the lid bowing.

1 year ago

We rarely use our rear door and the useless solid steps have become an excellent place to store our shoes we have steps and at least a couple pair fit on each step.

1 year ago

one pair of “soft” shoes and a pair of sandals for me. two pair of “soft” shoes for my wife. they live on the carpet in front of the fireplace. any place that requires dress shoes is a place we’re not likely to be seen.

steel-toed work boots????

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  rich

Hi, Rich. Yep, don’t all RVers take along steel-toed work boots? 😆 But, actually, quite a few RVers do volunteer work in construction, like Habitat for Humanity, so I can see them having those work boots. Have a great day! 😀 –Diane

Brad Teubner
1 year ago

Wire rack below the seat on the kitchen chairs.

Charlotte Damato
1 year ago

For $5 we bought an old wooden, 2-sided magazine rack. It sits next to the door and fits 4 pairs of shoes slid down toe first. 2 athletic and 2 sandals. No more pile of shoes at the door.

1 year ago

I love that! Great idea, Charlotte.

Greg Sorenson
1 year ago

Our Raptor has a great entry closet for jackets and shoes. This was one of the only rigs we looked at with a entry closet. I think others need to include this in their floor plan.

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