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The Airstream eStream all-electric trailer backs up and parks by itself!

Take a peak into the future of RVing! The video below introduces the Airstream eStream, a new concept trailer (meaning not in production) that’s a remote-controlled all-electric trailer with drive-assist motors. It can’t fly, but in pretty much every other way this is RVing meets the Jetsons!

Airstream knows that electric tow vehicles are coming, so with the eStream they wanted to get ahead on that trend while creating a more environmentally friendly way to RV that allows RVers the opportunity to live off-grid.

We can debate the veracity of the sustainability point (power for electric vehicles still has to come from somewhere). Nonetheless, this could be an exciting new part of Airstream’s history and legacy.

Underneath the Airstream’s skin is a full EV chassis platform that includes large lithium batteries that allow the trailer to power itself along with a range of sensors, control units, and technology to make sure all the eStream’s systems work in harmony.

With a full powertrain integrated into the chassis, the eStream works WITH the tow vehicle to optimize the towing experience. A drive axle with dual motors works to extend towing range, while advanced technology does away with the need for a weight distribution hitch.

Many rooftop trailer features have moved inside, making the Airstream eStream one of the most aerodynamic trailers ever produced.

But wait, there’s more to the Airstream eStream

Those same drive axle motors are capable of moving the trailer at low speeds. That’s right, remote control parking and hitching up!

Not only that, the wheels can be locked so it is impossible to steal the trailer.

The trailer has three modes:

  • Living—for when boondocking off-grid
  • Driving—for when the trailer is being towed down the road. Watch the video to see how this sophisticated towing system works.
  • Remote control—for parking and backing. You have to see this to believe it. So, again, watch the video!

Airstream has put a lot of thought into this concept trailer. For instance, its length is 22 feet so that it can fit into a standard electric vehicle charging space.

Best of all, you can unhitch and with the touch of a button, back it into the space as if you were playing a video game.

You can also plug into the electrical outlets at a campground to slow charge the trailer overnight.

As of now, there does not even seem to be rumors about if or when this trailer will be available to the public. Right now Airstream is looking at it as a design and educational experience. However, you can sign up for updates about the eStream at the Airstream website to be alerted to any future news.

Watch the video and let us know in the comments what you think about this RV of the future!


Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard is the author 8 published books on topics as diverse as US Citizenship to Cannabis Cooking. Cheri grew up in a circus family and has been RVing on and off her entire life.


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Allen F
26 days ago

Wow! As I read through the comments, I am taken back by all of the sarcasm and negativity! Someone is trying something new and creative for crying out loud. And all we can do is bash them? This particular RV crowd sounds like a bunch of grumpy old men, who I’m sure would be a blast to sit around the campfire with. Everyone would go to bed thoroughly pissed ant the world off rather than relaxed and chill. Go ahead – prove me right and bash this observation/opinion!

26 days ago
Reply to  Allen F

Haha…I won’t bash you, I agree with you… I’m a grumpy old man }: (

25 days ago
Reply to  Allen F

You sure seem angry. Need a hug? LOL. 🤣😂🤣😂

26 days ago

This video oozes virtue signaling and is quite nauseating. Get real.

Bluebird Bob
26 days ago

Remember, it’s owned by THOR which only puts out crap!

Will B.
26 days ago

Wish I had this for our triple-axle fifth wheel. My problem isn’t knowing how to back up, it’s the horrible, horrible turning radius on our Ford F-350!

26 days ago

The remote control for parking and hitching assistance is great. It reminds me of the bow and stern thrusters on a boat which as any boat captain/pilot knows, they can make you look good even on a breezy day.

Bob M
27 days ago

I hate to see the eStream price. Airstreams are too expensive as it is. It’s not what the kids want, it’s what they are being brainwashed to want. It’s our generation’s fault. Politicians know Americans are not smart enough to make our own decisions.

Joseph Phebus
27 days ago

An American company that anticipates changing market and environmental conditions and innovates in order to meet them. The horror!

Last edited 26 days ago by Joseph Phebus
Terry Brown
27 days ago

Looks really nice both on looks and concept design. I wonder what the numbers will be for the airstream once it’s in production (if). What’s the total weight? Can it be towed with what level of truck (F150, 250, 350-whether Ford, Ram or Chevy). Will the CCC be reducedmoce comcept that I’d buy into but so many questions to be answered first. Keep an eye on this for us please.

Gary W.
27 days ago

Good luck maneuvering on gravel or dirt with that little castor wheel on the tongue jack. Lol.

27 days ago
Reply to  Gary W.

Bingo! My first thought when I saw it. Moving forward may not work at all as the small wheel will likely dig in.

26 days ago
Reply to  Gary W.

I have seen, in Europe they have dual larger pneumatic tires that fit to the ball in order to more easily push the trailer around and also have electric drive systems for the trailer wheels. A tired dolly may work on the airstream. Space to move an park is tighter in Europe so they have developed things that USins haven’t thot about.

Susan Banks
27 days ago

Will the AS be able to plug in to not just charge but run everything like it is now, a dual setup? Or do you wait for it to charge? Can a non electric vehicle two it?

Tommy Molnar
27 days ago

Did I see a Tesla Model 3 towing this? C’mon man . . . As the video goes on, I see tons of electronic and computer usage – which means lots of opportunity for failure. And who are you going to call to get THIS stuff fixed? And if you should happen to find yourself all of a sudden on an ice and snow packed road, do you want some computer controlled push-motor ‘helping’ you along? NOT ME! I don’t trust any of it. This is, of course, old-fashioned thinking.

27 days ago

I note there was no mention of the price tag. It’s going to be a 1 percenter item for sure and the look-at-me factor will appeal to them. I wonder what will be needed at the pedestal in terms of charging power to charge both a tow EV and the trailer overnight. Is it practical to think that a 50 amp circuit could do that? How about an article on that?

27 days ago

So great! Can’t wait to see how these shape up over the next few years. Gen Xer here. Let’s not bring the hate to EV for political reasons. This is what younger people want.

26 days ago
Reply to  Dave

Your absolutely correct. This is a product that younger generations will want and I for one agree, this is not and does not need to be political. This is a CHOICE, that your generation will more readily have but as well, your generation needs to respect that the previous generation has choices as well. Some in my generation want this choice, some do not. Some in your generation prefer what you do not. Taking away anyone’s choice in a free market thru demonization is coercion and is simply wrong.

As long as your generation respects my generation’s right to make a choice, were all good. Both choices have planetary, economic and social consequences, good and bad.

27 days ago

No Thanks!

Julie Girard
27 days ago

I will Beta Test! But a few questions…. what is trailer weight? What vehicle specs do I need to tow it? Love the remote control, but will it work on anything besides paved areas? Lots of campgrounds have either gravel or grass….. otherwise, lookin good!

27 days ago

So we will waste scarce resources on a little used vehicle to make some privileged people feel good about themselves.

Tom E
27 days ago
Reply to  Tom

I’ll stick with my 1 ton diesel dually and 7 ton 5th wheel. In 50 years or so diesel could become a scarce resource. But few of us RVers will be around to see that day. Even if diesel reaches $10/gal, my 500 gallons each year would be $10,000. I can put in many, many years of RVing in something with at least twice the livable space before I’d come close to the money it would take to buy an all electric tow vehicle, a small electric powered estream, and all that electric to recharge those three huge battery banks every 250-300 miles.

Maybe what my grandchildren will be faced with, only if they have high paying jobs and can afford this all electric RVing lifestyle.

Dan Kruger
27 days ago
Reply to  Tom E

The gov. will have shut down all rving just to save the planet….then kill off the old people because we fart to much and have everyone on drugs….print more money and tell us everything is FINE….enjoy our life now while we can….

26 days ago
Reply to  Dan Kruger

Busted, we do fart a little more.

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