Thursday, September 21, 2023


Tour an ice house RV. Camp on frozen lakes, catch fish!

By Chuck Woodbury
You may have seen an ice fishing RV in a campground and wondered what the heck it was. They’re low riders, their floors hugging the ground. There’s a reason for that. These specialized travel trailers, manufactured in Minnesota, are made to be towed onto a frozen lake where they will be used by anglers, who can fish while being sheltered from the elements in comfort.

You seldom see these RVs in the West, where ice fishing isn’t popular. But in areas where winter temps stay near or below freezing, they’re common.

We came upon this video from a company called Glacier, which makes beautiful ice fishing houses. They look very much like traditional RVs inside. The most obvious difference is the holes in the floor, where a fishing line and hook can be dropped to hopefully provide the angler with a tasty seafood dinner without even leaving “home.” The RVs are also far better insulated than traditional RVs.

Glacier Ice Houses come in many shapes and sizes, even in Toy Hauler models. After watching the video, you may wonder why traditional RVs are not available in such cozy, rustic designs. They’re gorgeous!

While the RVs are made for winter use on frozen lakes, they’re right at home in a traditional campground or RV park in the summer.

Read more about the Glacier A164TH Ice House here.



  1. They have a Axle System that you can raise or lower the Ice House.You raise it for transport and lower it when you get to the lake or campground.

  2. Too bad regular RV’s aren’t built this well. They look very sturdy and the weathering is perfect for all seasons.

  3. These would be a perfect platform for the disabled persons. It’s an excellent option for anyone who can’t use stairs or in a chair.


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