Hilarious video: Trust no one!


We can guarantee that your smile will last longer than this 6-second video, and that you’ll want to watch it more than once!



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3 months ago

How do I send another video you’ll like, Diane?

Eileen T Branscome
10 months ago

I enjoy the information and look forward to the thought of the day. Worth the read.

10 months ago

This is the only video that I watch over and over and still laugh my head off!

10 months ago

Looks like Donald as a baby!

Patricia and Paul Meinke
10 months ago

Thank you for the uplifting, adorable, and absolutely funny video. You made our night!!!

10 months ago


10 months ago

Absolutely adorable!!

Captn John
10 months ago

Keep a good attitude, stay well and this too shall pass. I spoke to the sales manager at a large dealer and he said sales were down 50% last month. He said they are “making stupid deals now to make payroll and keep open “. I’m guessing there will be a lot of used units for sale soon too. Might even be easier to get a site for a year or two.
When things open get out and spend to help especially the small business recover.

10 months ago

I remember the old days when I coughed to cover a fart. Now, I fart to cover the cough!

10 months ago

That is without a doubt my favorite thing I have ever seen on the RV Newsletter. That kid is so funny.