Friday, December 9, 2022


Sharing the beauty: A 600,000-photograph cross-country journey


By RonnieSue Ambrosino

It’s a very difficult time for all of us. Many people are focused on trying to navigate through this world that was turned topsy-turvy over the last month. There doesn’t seem to be an immediate break in the stress.

We have been fortunate to travel the country with our cameras in hand, taking more than 600,000 photos of the beauty we’ve seen.

We have used social media and our own website to share our travel experiences with friends, family and followers. It’s been a real pleasure to hear the responses we get – some people are amazed at our adventures, some find them inspirational and have told us that they’ve added some of the lesser-known places we visited to their bucket lists. The most rewarding comments we get are when people who can no longer travel tell us that it brings back fond memories of long-ago days when they were on the road.

I would like to share some of the photos we have in order to bring back a memory of a happy time, or just to add some brightness to your life. If you’re isolated or just feeling bored, take a few moments to let your mind be bathed in the peaceful serenity of nature.

To see more of RonnieSue and Dominic’s photos, you can visit their website here.

RonnieSue Ambrosino and her partner, Dominic, left New York in 2004 to begin their new full-time lifestyle on the road and never looked back! It was a dream come true. She writes, “We explored our country, met wonderful people and learned history, geography and sociology. After seeing so much beauty we realized that we wanted to capture the memories of what we saw. That’s when we began our new passion for photography.” 


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Beck Elan
2 years ago

I love being introduced to a new (to me that is) photographer! Inspiring and excellent. And I appreciate your web name!

Bob Godfrey
2 years ago

Nicely done! Enjoy the life as long as you can……………

Beverly youngren
2 years ago

Many folks arent as fortunate as rvers, nor do they have the time until later….when is later??? You give folks the opportunity to enjoy places that might be in their bucket list…later. Enjoy the serenity at a quiet spot in the road…later. Marvel at the majestic mountains…later. You share that love NOW. Thanks and keep sharing!

Jeff C Birmingham
2 years ago

Very nice story RonnieSue!! I can’t wait to be back in the Tetons with everyone chasing bears!!!

2 years ago

Wow just Wow
Thank you for sharing.

RonnieSue Ambrosino
2 years ago
Reply to  DPHooper

thank you so much for your kind words! i’m glad you like my husband’s and my photos. i hope you can visit our website for more photos…

Gloria Sluder
2 years ago

Love your pictures we have many pictures framed in our home from 2 trips to Alaska. I smile and remember the good times we had while RVing though the beauty of Alaska country side. We live in the Mt. of North Georgia and all I have to do is look out our back deck. We are happy to be home after spending the winter in Florida, more room to move around. Keep up with the beautiful pictures😊

RonnieSue Ambrosino
2 years ago
Reply to  Gloria Sluder

Thank you so much. We are also fortunate to have memories of 3 trips to Alaska. The scenery and wildlife (as well as the people) of Alaska are treasures we’ll always carry with us. I’d love to see your photos-do you post them online?