Friday, August 19, 2022


Under the Weather pods: A stylish way to stay warm and dry outside

What may look like the individual spacecraft from “Men in Black” that flies off to the planet Dartha is a patented individual pod-like tent that mitigates cold, wind, rain and bone-chilling damp weather. You might have wanted to watch your grandchild’s soccer game or another outside event, but inclement weather kept you from doing so. These pod-tents may be the answer to enjoying more outdoor events without braving the weather.

The Under the Weather pods come in different sizes – some fit entire chairs, some fit two people, and some are smaller and fit over the tops of chairs or wheelchairs. They fold up in seconds and are perfect for RVers since they’re so easy to store.

Dedicated parents and grandparents sit on the sidelines to champion their family’s competitive sports.

Family ties that bind

These folks were braving the weather to watch family members play sports. Or would you prefer to bundle up in layered raingear and sit outside? This personal protection may be worth the investment. They’re collapsible, much like the mesh laundry baskets or automobile sunshades, so they take up little space. These are the XL pods – you can find them here.

Have you wanted to enjoy your morning cup of Joe outside with unrestricted view, but it was too cold for comfort? This 360° clear-visibility one- to two-person patented pod-tent may fit the bill. If you remember science class, it doesn’t take long for sunlight to warm the interior of an enclosed structure. But even your body temperature will warm the inside while keeping you dry from the outside elements. Find this one from EighteenTek here.

Watching the stars

You could also view the stars at night while staying warmer. And you won’t get sunburned during the day as these pod-tents provide UV protection. Another pod-tent from Under the Weather has similar designs for individuals, plus up to four-people tents for enjoying the outdoors without getting wet or too cold.

Folks who need protection

What about folks who may need ambulation assistance such as scooters or wheelchairs? They, too, can enjoy more of the outdoors without getting soaked and staying warmer. Whatever your desire to be outside your RV, perhaps that morning cup of Joe can be enjoyed longer by staying warmer. This one is available here.

These are great if you find yourself spending time outside, especially on chilly or rainy days. They’ll keep you warm and dry, and everyone will be stopping by hoping you let them in!

Kate Doherty has been writing for more than 30 years in technical and general media. In her previous business, she and her spouse dealt with special projects within the military/government sector. Recently she published “Masquerade: A Logan Scott Novel” under the pen name Bryan Alexander, a thriller now available in eBook and paperback on Amazon. It’s a page-turner!



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Irl Sell
1 month ago

A novel idea, but I’m thinking one would fog up without adequate ventilation. And then there is the problem with wind. You might enter your pod in one spot and exit in another spot 😳

David Bulkley
8 months ago

Great idea about putting handles on the access hole covers. We have a 2008 FC Georgetown and the basement is full of these covers.

8 months ago

When did we become such wimps? Most people can dress warmly and keep dry without using these personal tents. They also block the view for others wanting to watch the game. Just as bad as shade tents at the beach, parked close to the shoreline.

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