Friday, November 26, 2021


9 great uses for baby powder that will have you running out to buy some

At our work camping job this week we’ve been installing insulation. Itchy stuff, for sure. I never would have guessed that baby powder could come to the rescue! By applying a good amount of powder to exposed skin, we do not itch nearly as much! That made me wonder… are there other uses for baby powder? I did a bit of research and, wow, was I surprised! I plan on packing baby powder along for every RV trip we take.

Here are some ways baby powder may come in handy for RVers:

  • Freshen hiking boots. Just sprinkle a tablespoon of baby powder inside each boot. Shake the boot to evenly distribute the powder. Any moisture will be absorbed as it freshens the fragrance in each boot.
  • Time to empty tanks? Those rubber gloves can sometimes be difficult to slip on. Try powdering your hands first, then the gloves should slip right on.
  • Traveling rough roads can cause your necklaces to tangle and knot. If you sprinkle a bit of baby powder on the knot, it will be easier to untangle. Really! (A quick sprinkle of baby powder can also help you untie an over-tightened shoestring, too.)
  • Camping in high-humidity environments? Sprinkle some baby powder in between your bedsheets. The powder can help keep you more comfortable as you sleep. It will also freshen up the sheets.
  • Do hiking boots rub your ankles? Apply baby powder before hitting the trails. The powder will reduce chafing and prevent skin irritation.
  • An uncovered bowl of baby powder can reduce the musty smell in your RV’s closet. Just be sure to place the powder on a central shelf, away from the edge, to avoid accidental spills. Not only will the powder remove humidity from the air, but it will also keep clothes smelling great!
  • If your playing cards are hard to shuffle, try sprinkling a bit of baby powder on them. The powder should help the cards slide much better.
  • Prefer not to have beach sand all over your RV’s interior? Try this! Apply baby powder to sandy feet and legs. Then gently brush both the sand and powder away.
  • Need to reduce the clinging campfire smoke smell? If a shower isn’t available, you can dust yourself with baby powder to freshen up your skin. To help your hair smell cleaner, mix together equal amounts of baking soda and baby powder. Rub the powder mixture into your hair, let set for 10 minutes, and thoroughly brush out the residue.

Note: If you’re concerned about talc in baby powder, check out this all-natural talc-free powder from Burts Bees. 

Who knew how versatile baby powder could be?! Do you have additional ideas for uses for baby powder?

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18 days ago

I put it on food oil stains on clothes and rub it into the fabric a bit. Let sit for awhile to allow the powder to absorb the oil (usually I leave mine for days) before washing the garment. Occasionally it takes two tries, but it works 99.999999% of the time.

20 days ago

I use baby powder on my RV slide seals. I use an old sock. For seals on the top of the slides, I use the sock on my telescoping window cleaning pole.
(I also use 303 Arospace Protectant too.)

Jean Biggs
20 days ago

It’s useful as a dry shampoo too!

25 days ago

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder is now 100% pure cornstarch with no talc and therefore no asbestos.
Plain cornstarch is cheaper.

Gordy B
25 days ago

When long haul trucking, I took a friend along. About four hours from home I noticed a foul smell in the truck. When I commented on it wondering about the source he told me that was his boots, commenting that his wife would not let him take them off only at bedtime because his feet smelled so bad. I had some baby powder and encouraged him to put some in his shoes and continue to do it daily. The results were an immediate reduction in smell and within a few days it was gone completely. He had suffered with this problem for years and was finally free of it. To this day (20 yrs later and counting) his wife says thank you. Also to those who suffer from sour smelling feet, the dye in black or colored socks can possibly be contributing to the cause. Happy trails

25 days ago

Corn starch does the same thing and it is cheaper. Most powders these days are corn starch based, no talc.

25 days ago

Why promote baby powder when recent studies have shown a 92% increase in ovarian cancer cases from baby powder use. Is today’s baby powder different?

20 days ago
Reply to  Fred

Because it is now cornstarch based!

25 days ago

On the other hand I use it around the rubber seals for the slide outs. Helps with a reduction of tearing and squeaking of the gaskets.

Bradley Anderson
25 days ago
Reply to  Jeb

Same here.

25 days ago

As an added bonus you can join in the suit against talcum powder manufacturer.

David S Rapp
25 days ago

Sprinkle baby powder around a pet food bowl, it keeps ants away from the food. Ants won’t cross baby powder

Gary Reed
25 days ago

If you have creaking hardwood floors in your house sprinkle baby power in the seams and brush over seams. It will work its way into the seams and greatly lessen the creaking noise.

Bob P
25 days ago

We use the corn starch based baby powder.