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Unusual ways RVers can use old water hoses

I think almost every RVer has them—old water hoses, that is. When we purchased our first (and only) new RV it came with a bucket of free goodies. While several items in the bucket were worthwhile, the water hose was not good. From day one it kinked, leaked, tangled, and frustrated us every time we RVed. It didn’t take long for us to replace that cheap one, but we were left with a problem: what to do with it. That’s when we came up with unusual ways for RVers to use old water hoses.

Don’t recycle!

Water hoses should never be put into the recycling bin. Why? Because items like these are known as “tanglers” in the recycling world. Just as with ropes, chains, and cords, a water hose can really cause problems with the recycling machinery. Hoses easily get tangled up in the equipment. This can cause damage to machines, injure workers, and even force recycling plant shutdowns. Ugh! So, don’t put your old water hoses into your recycling bin! Try one or more of the following tips to upcycle them instead.

Using old water hoses

  • Bucket handle. Tired of that bucket wire handle gouging into your hand when lugging water around your campsite? Use a utility knife to cut a five-inch length of old hose. Then slit the hose length down the middle and slip it over the bucket’s wire handle.
  • Blade protector. Cut the hose to the length of the sharp blade, then slit the length of the hose. Use it to protect the blades of hack saws, axes, and other sharp tools. If you RV in winter, you can use the same idea to protect your ice skate blades!
  • Electric cords. To provide extra protection for outside electrical cords, slit the old hose down the middle. Then press the electric cord into it. Not only will it help protect the cord, but the hose is easier to see, especially if its color contrasts with the ground.
  • Better plant drainage. Cut the hose into lengths and glue it to the bottom of your outdoor flowerpots. This will raise the pot just a bit off the ground. The water will drain better when the pot doesn’t sit directly on the ground.
  • Mark boundaries. Paint it with glow-in-the-dark paint. Then use the painted hose to outline your RV site, parking spot, or walkway. The paint will eliminate the need for bright lights that may well bother your RV neighbors.
  • Swing wraps. You can use two lengths of hose to make covers for the chains on the campground’s swings. Slit both pieces down the middle and apply to the swing chains. No more worrying about little fingers getting caught or pinched in the chains! Bonus: You can remove the hose parts and take them to the next campsite playground!
  • Doorstop. Keep your RV’s interior doors from rocking off their hinges on moving days. Just cut a short length of hose and “squish” it flat with your foot. Then slide the hose under the door. When released, it will expand and hold the door in place.
  • Funnel extension. Use a piece of old hose as an extension to your funnel. (Obviously, use the part of the hose that is not damaged or leaking!)
  • Keep trash bags in place. Use short slit pieces of hose to keep trash bags in place. Simply pull the bag up and over the top of the container and apply the hose to hold the bag.
  • Prevent chain tangles and tie-ups. Slit the hose and place it over the dog’s chain. The hose will keep the chain from tangling and/or catching on items.
  • Pool fun. Clean pieces of hose can be tossed into the campground pool for your kids or grandkids to dive for and retrieve. (Six-inch hose pieces shouldn’t easily enter the pool skimmer/filter, but keep a close watch, just in case.)

These are only a few ideas. If you have additional suggestions, please tell me in the comments below.



Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.


  1. Great ideas Gail, thanks. Also thanks for recycling and the note about not putting in the recycle bin! Never tho’t about that!

  2. They are now selling laundry baskets with ‘handles’ that are just narrow plastic edges, hard to carry. Use a couple of split pieces of hose to slide on over the edges for comfortable handles.


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