Saturday, January 29, 2022


Holy smokes! Is this is what they mean by “crowded campgrounds”?

Each week we report on the issue of crowded campgrounds (and boy, is it an issue!). Is this the future of campgrounds? Can you imagine pulling up to your campsite for the night, only to find out you have to climb up three ladders to settle in? And imagine trying to level!

OK, if you’re thinking “This can’t be real!” you’re right. This was a set built in 2005 by designer Catherina Scholten at an outdoor theater in Amsterdam. The set was for Anton Chekov’s play “Ivanov”.

Now that you know what it is, it’s pretty neat, right? In fact, this isn’t the only vertical trailer park to appear in a play or movie. Check out this article. If anything, scroll through the photos and look at the drawings or renderings of other vertical “trailer” (most are mobile homes) parks.

Let’s just hope this set doesn’t become reality… If it does, we call the bottom bunk!



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Bob p
5 months ago

Hillbilly apartment complex!

Robert Gravelyn
1 year ago

Looking for a slightly used jeep Cherokee that is already set up to flat tow, any suggestions would help

Larry Lee
1 year ago

Modern pueblos!

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

i remember when Malcolm Wells was considering a rack system for house trailers, to stack them two high. Think of it as apartment style living.