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Awesome ‘Aironado’: 1970s Toronado and Airstream hybrid

By Cheri Sicard
YouTube personality Mav, of Mav Made It, recently bought himself quite a birthday present!  It’s an “Aironado,” a 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado combined with an Airstream travel trailer.

In the video below, he takes us along to check it out and test-drive the unique motorhome.

Judging from the wasp’s nest in the vent and the dead bees and mouse poop on the bed, the RV probably had not been used in a while, but it was not in bad shape.

Inside it has all the style of an Airstream, but most Airstreams do not come paired with the power of a classic muscle car. This one does, which makes for driving comfort.

The Aironado was even featured in Car & Driver when it was first created. Apparently, a former Oldsmobile employee came up with the idea and built the unusual RV.

Join Mav as he test drives the vehicle and weighs the pros and cons of buying it. He does realize it is definitely a “project.” But hey, he’s young!

Spoiler alert: The Aironado is now part of Mav’s collection. He not only bought it, but also drove the entire 10-hour trip home. Well, OK, not the entire trip. Even though that was the intention.

Along the way, he discovered a bunch of other fixes and issues he will need to address. He even needed to do some quick repairs on the road.

But he was also the recipient of lots of compliments and attention.

Then another breakdown. A big one. Transmission problems. Ugh.

It was a hairy trip. Such are the chances with vintage vehicles. The video ends with the Aironado in the shop and Mav renting a car to get home.

This video was just released prior to Christmas (and it already has more than a million views). I hope there’s a follow-up to show what this creative and adventurous young man does with this project in the future. It sure is unique!



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1 month ago

I owned two Toronado’s – a incredible car. Super comfortable, heavy and the 403 cu in engine gave – consistently – 23 mpg! One of those odd quirks that got out of the factory!

The GMC motor homes, now classics, are also powered by the Olds Toronado FWD and 403.

Picture a GMC motor home powered by an electric motor! Hmmm?

Steve H
2 months ago

GMC manufactured an Olds Toronado FWD, V-8-powered motorhome in the mid-70s. Much sleeker, well-built, and valuable than this mutant!

1 month ago
Reply to  Steve H

Yes, but not as unique as this rig. People complain now about the graphics on their RVs, but this guy will likely never see another RV like his. Mutants can be fun.

2 months ago

Take a look at the 1970 Revcon, built by the nephew of Wally Bynum. It has a Oldsmobile Toronado engine and drivetrain, body is mostly aluminum, riveted like Airstreams.
In 1978 the design was changed to a slant nose & a Chevy engine & drivetrain.

2 months ago

Cool, however it’s butt ugly.

Tommy Molnar
2 months ago
Reply to  GrumpyVet

Butt ugly is a polite term. This guy has bitten off a HUGE chew!

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