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How to build your own DIY mattress: What mattress companies don’t want RVers to know

Regardless of whether you buy a mattress or build your own DIY mattress, as this video suggests, you will learn a lot by watching it. The folks from Arizona Premium Mattress do a great job of going into the different types of foam and different grades of firmness of each that can be used to build a mattress.

Yes, the company that produced the video sells the components needed to make a DIY mattress. You can choose to order from them or not. But either way, you will be well-acquainted with the various options, which in turn will make you a more savvy mattress consumer.

Of course, with this knowledge, you will be able to design and make a custom mattress exactly to your specifications and budget.

Quality RV mattresses can be a major investment and often have to fit in areas that standard mattresses don’t. With this guide, you will see how easy it can be to simply make your own comfortable and long-lasting RV mattress.

The video discusses the durability of each of the components. This, of course, can help you make a decision about what will work best for your needs.

The video stresses that once you have chosen the components that will go into your perfect mattress—memory foam, latex, gel, etc.—a zippered cover is vitally important. Why? Because some parts of the mattress wear out quicker than others.

With a zippered cover, those making a DIY mattress can later remove and replace the worn-out parts without having to replace the entire mattress. Like you would if you bought a premade mattress.

The video claims this is part of “planned obsolescence” from the mattress industry. In other words, the mattress industry wants you to have to buy a new mattress every 5-7 years.

However, you can fight back. With this method, your DIY mattress can last for far longer.  And if one of the layers wears out, you can replace just that layer without the need to replace everything.

How brilliant is that?



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Tommy Molnar
3 months ago

Our mattress has been fine for ten years (after adding a mattress topper), but early on we hated the cushions in our dinette. A local upholsterer who has done work on stuff at home replaced the cheapo foam that originally made it look nice but went to the plywood within seconds of sitting down. He used motorcycle seat foam. As usual, not cheap, but oh boy what a difference!

Thomas D
3 months ago

I love my 30 year old mattress. T.he only bed that ,when waking I don’t have a backache. Every once in a while I add a little water, yes it’s a waterbed and of course too heavy for our rv, but a friend of my wife has a waterbed in their fifth wheel.

Jim Johnson
3 months ago

Regarding a zippered cover. I am assuming it should be ‘right-sized’ to fit somewhat snuggly and keep all the components aligned. Finding zippered covers for standard residential sized mattresses are fairly easy. However, while RV mattresses are typically a standard size, they are standard for RVs as opposed to residential beds. For example, ‘short’ queen or ‘short’ king are popular. Those zippered cases are not as easily found.

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