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DIY RV sink cover and cutting board—Useful RV kitchen accessory

By Cheri Sicard
This is one RV accessory that can benefit almost ANY RVer. If my RV did not come with this accessory, and many don’t, especially used RVs, I would surely be making my own DIY RV sink cover as we speak.

As my RV lacks any significant kitchen counter space, as many do, the combination cutting board and sink cover instantly gives my kitchen more food prep space.

If you have to buy a custom-made and custom-sized RV sink cover, the proposition can get pricey. However, in the video below from the folks at Living Life in Between, they teach you how to make your own for less than $50. Either way, if you need food prep space, you’ll find this invaluable RV kitchen accessory to be priceless.

Making a DIY RV sink cover

The process starts by making corner templates. Of course, you will need a board. They used a piece of oak in the video that was picked up at Home Depot for about $40. The board will have to be cut, and the corners rounded and sanded. They also applied cutting board oil when finished, which will make the sink cover both food-safe and shiny.

The couple in the video actually did this project in their RV. Since their RV only has one large sink, they opted to split the board so they could use half of it and still be able to use the faucet. If your RV has two sinks, you won’t need to do that and the job will be even easier.

Yes, this is an actual DIY video by real people, not a slick production team, as is obvious by some little snafus they ran into. But overall the project is super simple. Theirs may not have come out perfectly, and if you are more experienced at woodworking yours could come out even better. Nonetheless, the finished product is still uber-functional and definitely gets the job done. And it doesn’t look bad at all.



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7 months ago

Sorry, but if the wood is side grain as shown, it’s not a cutting board. It’s just a cover.

7 months ago

Instead of making just corner templates, make a full size cardboard template. That way you don’t take the chance of ruining a $40 piece of wood

7 months ago

Although our RV came with the sink cutout as sink cover, I purchased a cutting board from Ikea and cut it to fit into the sink opening.
Works like a champ.

Last edited 7 months ago by Tom
7 months ago

Our used MH had no covers so I glued up strips of hard maple like a cutting board. Shaped it to fit flush with countertop and cut it into two pieces, Applied several coats of oil and let them soak in. I now put a fresh coat of oil on every season. The problem with using oak is the grain of the wood is porous and will allow juices of the foods to penetrate into the wood more easily.

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