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Essential Dutch oven cooking overview and tips


By Cheri Sicard
A cast iron Dutch oven is one of the most useful cooking vessels ever. If you have not used one before and/or you are not familiar with EVERYTHING this versatile cooking tool can do, this video is for you, as it shares LOTS of Dutch oven cooking tips, many of which you might not have seen or heard of before.

With a large lidded cast iron pot, usually with legs, you can make nearly anything such as soups, stews, bacon, eggs, breads, cakes and other baked goods, grilled foods, and even pizza. If you can cook it, there is probably a way to cook it in a cast iron Dutch oven.

The video starts with what to look for if you are buying a Dutch oven. This begins with the best type of lid. Some Dutch oven lids are rounded; however, a lid with a lip and a flat side allows you to put coals on it. This truly turns the vessel into an oven that can bake anything a regular oven can, as you are providing heat from the top and bottom.

You can also turn the lid over and actually cook on its flat surface. The video shows lots of ways to configure and cook both in the pot and on the lid, and some unique combinations of the two. Wow!

A steam vent is another excellent option.

So are legs. A Dutch oven with legs is preferable because it puts space between the bottom of the cooking vessel and the hot coals, and helps with temperature and heat control, an essential part of Dutch oven cooking.

The legs can also provide stability and a safety mechanism when cooking over a grill grate, as the legs going through the grate make it impossible to spill the pot or move.

Dutch ovens can add a lot to the camping cooking experience. A quality oven can last for generations.

Check out this handy overview and see how adding one of these amazing cooking gadgets to your rig can improve your camping dining options.


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24 days ago

Great video! I’ve been cooking with my Dutch Oven for years and never thought about inverting it and cooking a pizza on the lid. Great tip!

Bob p
24 days ago

Remember a Dutch oven weighs 8-10 pounds, you’ll have to leave that much weight in shoes at home. Lol

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