Friday, October 7, 2022


Video: How to measure your RV before buying a cover

Many RVers store their RVs outdoor for part of the year. Exposure to the elements, of course, can speed up the RV’s aging process, and its appearance.

This two-minute video from the folks at provides a quick overview of how to measure an RV to get a good fit for a cover. If you’re in the market for a cover for your RV, watching this will be of help.

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M. Will
2 years ago

Bought a $350 cover for my travel trailer when I first got it years ago and it lasted about two years and was falling apart. Last time I’ll go that route!!

Wayne R
2 years ago

Had my first Classic cover on my 36’ 5th wheel for three winters, and it still looked new when I gave it to the new owner when I sold that rig. I currently have a 42’ 5th wheel and another Classic cover for 2 winters now, and the cover still looks brand new. I always wash them, let dry completely, and dust them with a very light coating of baby powder before rolling up for storage. COVERS DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in prolonging the life of your RV.
Tip: If you have drip rails, cut 4” pieces of a pool noodle and slip over the drain extensions at the four corners to prevent abrasion and/or tears to the cover.