VIDEO: Is Camping World going bankrupt?


Here’s one couple’s take on the Internet buzz that Camping World may soon be headed into bankruptcy. If you bought an extended warranty with Camping World and the company does, indeed, go belly up, you’ll learn here about how to get at least part of your money back. If you don’t act soon, and the company does go bankrupt, the extended warranty will be worthless.


  1. My one and only experience with service on our 1995 Bounder class A was at the Brulington WA location; it was outstanding. The mechanic and service advisor were both top notch. They kept me informed of the issues that develop during a Banks header/exhaust installation, all the way through completion. Subsequent visits to the same store for merchandise were terrible experiences…. it was hard to believe it was the same place. We’ve tried to shop at other locations on the west coast but found we can what we needed cheaper and no “out of stocks” shopping online with delivery to a local post office or Walmart. If there’s bankruptcy on the horizon for CW, it can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned!

  2. CW is unlikely to out of business. Their biggest problem is the huge inventory. Their next is a shortage of techs. CW in Myrtle Beach has been great on price and service. I bought my last 4 5ers there.


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