Saturday, December 2, 2023


Save your back: How to load an e-bike without lifting it

By Cheri Sicard
E-bikes are a popular RV accessory for a lot of RVers. They provide exercise and short-distance transportation. But their weight is their downside—especially when you need to get the bike into your truck or trailer. The video below from Paul and Paula, a YouTube channel specializing in e-bikes, demonstrates how to load an e-bike into a vehicle without lifting it!

In the video, Paul demonstrates loading a 65-pound e-bike into an SUV.

How? A portable pet ramp used to get dogs in and out of the truck and a 50-gallon Sterilite storage bin play integral parts in the task.

To begin, Paul folds up the e-bike and uses a bungee cord to keep it folded so he can roll it into the storage bin. Next, he simply pulls and slides the bin into the vehicle. Smart!

To unload it, just reverse the process. Quick, easy, and no back strain!




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Denise (@guest_256222)
1 month ago

Our bikes have removable batteries. What a difference on weight! Plus we cut a large diameter PVC pipe in half (plus some modifications) to walk the bikes up to the bike rack we use on the back of our truck or travel trailer because it sits up so high

Pammy (@guest_256161)
1 month ago

I bought a Brompton folding e-bike – its about 30 lbs, which i can lift no problem. Very pricey though…but its fabulous

Cancelproof (@guest_256112)
1 month ago

Thanks for the video link Cheri. We have those exact Lectric bikes and those bins are the direction I was going to go. Helpful!!!

Gil (@guest_256050)
1 month ago

Not all e-Bikes are built the same or the same size. Plus, video is demonstrated on a SUV, not a TT, Fiver or RV. If you have a toy hauler, then it becomes moot.

ken (@guest_256031)
1 month ago

We had to buy a rather large aluminum trike rake for my wife’s e-trike. Looks cool and has a nice long run-up ramp that fold up. Seventy pounds with a 70 lb bike. Maiden voyage this winter.

tom (@guest_256007)
1 month ago

Get an E-bike with a removable battery pack. Greatly reduces the lifting or packing weight. Plus, you can buy a spare battery and extend your riding day.

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