Thursday, June 1, 2023


Odd but amazing hearse RV conversion

By Cheri Sicard
Is this hearse RV the coolest or the creepiest RV conversion ever? The owner says, “You’ll sleep like the dead in there.”

Perhaps. I remember back in my circus days I worked with a bandleader who traveled from town to town in his used hearse. He had not done a full conversion, but he nonetheless loved it, saying it had lots of room and drove like a charm with lots of power. Of course, gas mileage was not nearly as much of an issue in those days.

The hearse RV conversion’s owner, Christopher, originally used his used hearse as a mobile tattoo parlor. Then a friend had the idea to turn it into an RV.

As Christopher had an affinity for horror movies and macabre, it sounded like a good idea to him.

The hearse RV’s license plate reads “Campula,” a name inspired by Grandpa Munster’s “Dragula” mobile, a hot rod dragster made from a coffin. And, in fact, an air-brushed portrait of Al Lewis’s beloved character adorns the back of the hearse motorhome, along with solar panels that provide electricity.

The used Cadillac hearse contains a 5.7-liter engine, stands 9 feet 6 inches tall, is 18 feet in length, and weighs in at 6,300 pounds.

Raising the roof and creating square footage proved to be the most challenging part of building this RV conversion.

The goal was to keep it physically looking like a hearse, while simultaneously building a comfortable RV.

Christopher’s hearse RV has lots of amazing features inside. When you open the back door, the outdoor kitchenette and the AV system swing out. There’s even a working fireplace inside!

Sadly, the one thing they could not find room for was a full bathroom.

Christopher says his unique RV always gets lots of attention, but it falls into one of two camps: either a thumbs up, or a disgruntled look.

He says his rig fits his character and his personality perfectly. Likewise, when he encounters a “Karen” who really gives him a dirty look, his day is made.



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