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Explore four popup truck topper camper brands

By Cheri Sicard
Pickup truck topper campers might be a good RV solution for you if a basic pickup shell is not enough but you are not quite ready for a full slide-in truck camper.

Pickup truck topper campers clamp to the rails just like regular camper shell toppers, but they offer a whole lot more.

In the video below, the team at Softroading The West takes a look at four different popup pickup truck camper toppers.

Of course, because they are all popup truck toppers, they all allow you extra headroom. And they all have some kind of integrated bed. Beyond that, there is a blank slate waiting for your modifications.

Despite the similarities, there are differences among the four brands profiled.

Truck topper camper brands

Topo Toppers

The lower part of this pickup truck topper is much like a traditional shell. However, the entire rectangular roof lifts up to make way for a lot of interior space and headroom, not to mention a HUGE comfortable bed with panoramic windows. Fully accessorized, the shell weighs only 350 pounds!

AT Overland Topper

Again this topper’s full rectangular roof lifts up. To my mind, this is better than a wedge style as it offers so much more room. The AT weighs in at around 400 pounds, and it only takes about 4-5 minutes to set up and a minute to take down. This one has four-season capabilities.

Super Pacific Truck Topper Campers

This is a wedge-topped popup truck camper. This topper was designed so that you can customize it to your liking. That even includes space to easily run wires and built-in 12-volt and USB ports. There are some other clever design features that improve functionality, but they are better seen than described, so be sure to watch the video.

Project M Truck Toppers

Made by 4 Wheel Campers, a company that has been around for 40 years, this is another full-roof popup. This is not fancy or frilly but it is built to be functional and to last.

When it comes to price, all of these campers, with the exception of the Super Pacific, have a wide range. That’s because most are customizable, so it will depend on the options you choose. The video explains more.



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20 days ago

The OVRLND Camper is custom made to snuggly fit any truck bed and has great options available to customize it to your needs. Straight wall design with full pop top roof provides ample space and the barn doors option is great for getting in and out easily without dealing with the tailgate. Certainly one that should be on the list for those in consideration. We love ours!

22 days ago

The AT weighs in at around 400 pounds, and it only takes about 45 minutes to set up.

Diane McGovern
22 days ago
Reply to  Jay

😆 Thanks, Jay. It’s been fixed. One missing little hyphen sure makes a huge difference! Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

Tim Slack
22 days ago

In the early 1980s I had 4WheelCampers install a pop up camper shell on my ‘72 full-size Blazer. They sliced the original one-piece top just behind the drivers seat, sealed the edge to their bolt-in camper & secured the camper to the Blazer body. No leaks anywhere (air or water), excellent work! Full pop up roof, side, front (when popped up) & rear windowsI built out the camper myself. I towed my ‘70 CJ5 behind & explored some VERY interesting places.

22 days ago

Excellent job Cheri. Great writeup and research and that video was excellent coverage of these options. The Super Pacific wedge might be in my scope, I did not know it existed. It has (mount solar panels on me) screaming out, perfect angle also. Thanks for sharing!

Cheri Sicard
22 days ago
Reply to  david

Happy you found it of value Dave!

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