Thursday, June 8, 2023


Professional Tips: How to wash and wax an RV plus detail tips

By Cheri Sicard
In today’s video, Andrew Steele from RVing with Andrew Steele is going to show us how to wash and wax an RV plus share some professional RV detailing tips.

Andrew not only shows you all the products he uses to keep his clients’ multi-million dollar bus RVs looking new, but he also shows you his entire process of how he uses them and what to do.

What’s involved in how to wash and wax an RV like Andrew:

  • A quick rinse with deionized water
  • Apply degreaser to the wheels
  • Use a foam cannon to apply soap and loosen the debris before scrubbing
  • Lambswool wash mitts on a pole scrub the upper part of the RV clean
  • Microfiber wash mitts do the rest of the job

Of course, Andrew does this for a living. He has an enormous amount of products and equipment. And he has tried just about everything on the market. So one of the most useful parts of the video is that he shares the ones he thinks are most important and why they have worked so well.

I also liked that he was conscious of cost versus quality. And he includes some tips that will be more practical for home consumers as opposed to professionals.

When it comes to detailing, Andrew covers his favorite tire dressings, buffing tools and polishing products. He even has a special product to remove bugs.

Using Andrew’s tips will result in a pristine RV at the end.

Here are the products he uses:



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Neal Davis
19 days ago

Thank you, Cheri! I enjoy Andrew’s videos, but DW does not.

Tommy Molnar
24 days ago

I got tired of watching/listening to this guy. Yawn. I like Herman’s idea. Hire a professional.

Bill Byerly
24 days ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Agree with you both

24 days ago

All that stuff costs a bunch; that is why I hire a local businessman to do it, and he does it correctly, and right in our driveway!

24 days ago

I learned nothing except he’s trying to sell products

Calvin Wing
24 days ago

Am I figuring correctly? $700 + for all of the stuff he uses??
I power wash our 2012 38’ 5th wheel with a fiberglass de-chalking soap, rinse with well water and then spray on a liquid wax. It dries and looks better than when we bought it. Cost about $75.
Am I doing something wrong?

Gary W.
24 days ago
Reply to  Calvin Wing

What is this fiberglass de-chalking soap?

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