Thursday, June 8, 2023


How to clean the inside of your windshield in under 2 minutes!

By Cheri Sicard
Traveling RVers and especially RVers with pets have no doubt experienced the frustrations of a dirty inside windshield. Dogs especially like to leave nose prints everywhere. Fret no more. Rebecca from the Good2Know YouTube channel is here to show you how to clean the inside of your windshield quickly, easily, and with no streaks.

I am talking less than two minutes and you will have a clean, clear, sparkling interior windshield!

What is needed for Rebecca’s interior windshield cleaning process?

  • A mop that uses disposable cloths such as a Swiffer
  • Paper towels
  • Glass cleaner

That’s it!

Rebecca uses the paper towels that allow you to select sizes. She says she uses four sections. If you were using regular paper towels, it looks like you could use two. I say she says to use four pieces, but she actually uses five in the video (which she does admit to), which shows how you can fashion your own cleaners the way you need them.

Watch the video to see how it’s done, but Rebecca folds up a section of three paper towels and puts it over the mop head, and uses the section of two paper towels to affix these to the mop head. Easy!

Spray your newly fashioned windshield mop with your favorite glass cleaner (or a mixture of vinegar and water), and you are ready to clean.

Using the mop with its long handle makes it easy to reach every inch of the windshield, even the places you would normally struggle with. Genius!

One caveat. If you also use your mop to clean your floors (and why wouldn’t you?), Rebecca advises wrapping the mop head with some plastic wrap before applying the paper towels. This is to prevent streaking and leaving an unwanted film from any residual floor cleaner that might have been left on the mop.



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Neal Davis
1 month ago

Thank you, Cheri! Very interesting hint. I use a wet swiffer pad to clean my windshield after a day of driving.

1 month ago

Beautiful! My smallest vehicle seems to have the biggest windshield and takes a contortionist to clean!

1 month ago

Now this is something that I am willing to try as cleaning the HUGE Class A windshield either on the outside OR inside has always been a chore. Thanks for the tip!

1 month ago

Great Idea. Works!

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