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RV self-defense, safety, and security tips you NEED to implement now!

By Cheri Sicard
As a woman who often travels alone, concerned friends and family always ask about RV self-defense and security, and if I feel safe.

For the most part, I do, although I am always aware of surroundings, people, and potential safety hazards. If something does not feel right, I get out.

Early on in my trip planning, RV self-defense was something I put a fair amount of thought and worry into.

The video below, by one of my all-time favorite YouTube personalities, Robin Barrett of Creativity RV, went a long way towards helping me prepare. It also helped set a lot of my worries on the back burner.

I prepared for RV self-defense and security in advance, not because I think something bad will happen and not because I am paranoid about others invading my space or threatening me. But rather because I always try to be proactively prepared for most any scenario on the road.

“Hope for the best but prepare for the worst” has always been my motto.

Longtime fan of Robin Barrett

I’ve been a fan of Robin Barrett since I first discovered her YouTube channel several years ago. I love her to-the-point, practical advice. She never wastes my time and I always learn something. Plus, her positive attitude is always empowering.

This video on RV self-defense, travel-friendly weapons, and on-the-road security is an excellent example.

To begin with, Robin puts RV security concerns into practical perspective.

Honestly, are you more in danger in a crowded city surrounded by lord only knows how many unsavory characters, or out in nature by yourself? I’ll take my chances on the latter any day.

However, even though you are statistically quite safe camping out in the wilderness on your own, that does not mean you should not prepare for the worst. Just in case.

Lots of tips for RV self-defense in video

Robin’s video has lots of practical tips to keep you feeling safe and secure in your RV no matter where you roam. Safe from predators of all kinds, be they man or beast. After all, nobody wants to open the RV door and be surprised by a bear or other wild animal any more than they do by an unwelcome human intruder.

Robin has lots of great RV self-defense and security shopping picks too. Things like motion sensor lights that will alert you anytime someone or something approaches your rig, easy-to-use self-defense weapons, noise detractors, and much more.

If you have ever been fearful when traveling on the road, you NEED to check out Robin’s video. It will help you outfit your RV for maximum safety and security, as well as increase your confidence in your ability to handle untoward situations. And feeling safe and secure is the first step to any successful RV trip.




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Michael David Galvin (@guest_196383)
1 year ago

Bear spray doesn’t work as well on humans as pepper spray.

B N S (@guest_194282)
1 year ago


VICKI CROTHERS (@guest_194264)
1 year ago

Thanks! I see a couple of things that interest me.

cee (@guest_194262)
1 year ago

Thanks Cheri, Robin has been a favorite YouTuber with me for years.

Louis Edward Nelson (@guest_194257)
1 year ago

Very Well presented and a broad collection of items reviewed to meet the expectations of the camping community. As a retired LEO, I will positively echo all of the recommendations presented here. Think outside the box, never assume anything, be aware of your surroundings at all time, and prepare for the unexpected. As displayed here, a little preparation and forethought can eliminate the escalation of an encounter you do not want to experience.

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