Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Weird and Wacky RVs for September 5th

Okay, it’s time for our latest installment of weird, wacky and maybe even wonderful (depending upon your definition of that word) recreational vehicles. We can state once again with confidence that these are all one-of-a-kinds. They didn’t roll off a production line looking like this.

Well, this RV won’t be setting any speed records, but it will get darn good fuel mileage from from its three-horsepower tow vehicle. No gas needed, of course, just an ample supply of hay or maybe just some grazing by the side of the road. We have no idea where this photo originated, but we have a feeling its been making the social media rounds for many years.

This unusual RV lives somewhere Down Under in Australia. We know nothing about it other that’s it’s pretty darn cute. If you know anything, please let us know.

From the looks of the photo, this recreational vehicle is being towed behind a motorcycle. We don’t believe it has won any RV beauty contests, but, heck, if it works, that’s what matters. It must get a lot of attention wherever it roams.

Be careful on back roads with low underpasses with this most unusual recreational vehicle. Wouldn’t that ladder up front make for a challenging view of the road ahead? We really wish we had a photo of its interior to show you, but no such luck.

Please send any photos you spot on your travels to chuck@rvtravel.com.



  1. These are amazing! The first photo — RV being pulled by horses — reminded me of our tour through an RV factory in Indiana years ago. As we walked along the assembly line, I thought to ask an employee if he’d buy one himself. He’d been leaning over, his back to me. When he looked at me he had the tell-tale beard many married Amish men wear. “I would if my horses could pull it,” he said.

    Thanks, Chuck — Now we know that someone actually bought one for their horses to pull!


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