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What have you found along the road?


By Chuck Woodbury
Here is a question for you: What is the best thing you have ever found along a road — something that was so good you kept it? I’m referring to something you found that you couldn’t return because there was no evidence of the owner.

I have found screwdrivers, a wrench, a ball of rope, a suitcase (didn’t keep that) and I’m sure other things I can’t remember now due to old age and massive loss of brain cells.

I usually find things when I’m taking a walk for some exercise. Of course I have found a lot of coins — mostly pennies, nickels and dimes. I found a few turtles through the years but I let them go. One of my best finds was a $10 bill, which made that particular walk a profitable use of my time.

Have you found something really great or interesting? Please leave a comment.

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Jerry Riggins
3 years ago

Saw a large hydraulic ram fall off the back of a flat bed trailer and couldn’t catch up to the truck to tell the driver. Went back and picked up the ram and took it to an implement shop and sold it for $150.

Lonnie Gould
3 years ago

Found a new measuring wheel tool (Big wheel & counter).

3 years ago

Me: diamond wedding ring, diamond and ruby broach, $50.00 bill, note in a bottle, tons of small bills, fake Rolex on beach, books.
Hubby: $100.00 bill, tons of 20’s and 10’s, 14K crucifix on heavy gold chain, high school ring, tools, axe.

3 years ago

So many things over time. Wrench, vice grips, screw drivers, ice chest, dresser, rocking chair (both broken but I was able to repair and use to this day), boxes of commercial staples. Found a car on fire and used the fire extinguisher from my van to put out the engine fire before the fire dept got there. People OK. Semi truck wrecked and its load of hogs running all over. I chased hogs while others got the trapped driver out of the truck, Man in a car that hit a bridge abutment. First there sent buddy for help. (Man badly injured but OK. Didn’t keep any hogs.) TT and pickup flipped on their side on interstate. First one there but all were OK.
It pays to be cross-eyed. One eye on the center line and the other in the ditch.

3 years ago

About 3 years back, on a sharp left hand turn onto an Interstate ramp highway, on the side of the road we found an aluminum ladder and 3 spools of #12 colored wire. Gave the ladder to a friend who did not have one. I still have most of the wire left.

Gene Bjerke
3 years ago

I haven’t found much, but at one time in my life when I was in a very difficult financial situation I found a wad of cash on the sidewalk, about $115. Just cash, no way to find whoever lost it. I ‘m not a religious person, but I have often wondered how a supply of money simply appeared when I badly needed it.

James & Tina
3 years ago

I found my self

Bob Godfrey
3 years ago

While touring Yellowstone NP we found a wallet with $750 cash in it and credit cards, DL etc. Found a LEO park ranger and gave it to him. We hope the money found its way back to the owner since I can only imagine a ruined vacation because of the loss. The park ranger stated that there was face recognition software at every entrance to the park so perhaps along with the address on the DL they found the rightful owner? We hope so.

3 years ago

I’ve found a hammer and several tape measures.

Cathy Adler
3 years ago

I once found a wedding ring. Turned it into the local police. After so many months of no one inquiring about losing a ring, the police called me up and said that they were going to release it back to me. The ring was going to be mine. I have always felt funny about keeping the ring and have kept in my jewelry box as a reminder how quickly things can change.

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