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What we learned about you last week (November 2-8)


By Emily Woodbury

Another week, another November. How’re you doing? Ready for the holiday season to begin? I can hardly even believe I’m typing those words! Anyway, I’m going to jump right into things because I’ve still got lots to do today, and many more articles to write! Here we go…

Last Saturday we asked you snowbirds: Will you stay in one place this winter season or move around? Exactly half of you will stay in one place, and a third of you will move around, but only a few times. A smaller 12 percent of you will move around fairly often, and a small 5 percent of you will move around frequently. Read the comments on this one if you’re wondering where most of your fellow readers head for the winter. One reader, Ron, does something a little different though. He writes, “We consider ourselves ‘Sunbirds,’ as we live in the Mojave desert and escape to the Pacific Northwest coast for the summers to leave behind the 110º heat and enjoy the cool 65º beach weather. So yes, during winter months, we stay at home and enjoy the desert’s moderate winters that are free of snow, ice, blizzards, torrential rains and very uncomfortable weather.”

Whew! Almost 4,200 voted on Sunday’s poll. Thank you! We wanted to know if you’re planning on spending Thanksgiving in your RV or somewhere else. The majority of you, 59 percent, say you’ll spend Thanksgiving elsewhere and not in your RV. Another 13 percent of you aren’t quite sure yet, but you’ll probably spend it somewhere other than in your RV. Just under a quarter of you will definitely spend Thanksgiving in your RV, and 6 percent of you haven’t yet decided, but you’ll probably end up in your RV.

On Monday, I learned that I’m like 71 percent of you, and prefer to sleep in a room as dark as possible (none of that “light” stuff! Nope.). The 29 percent of you who like to sleep with some light in the room, well, you’re weird. Kidding, but…not really.

Holy smokes! Only (woo!) 4 percent of you are current cigarette smokers. Almost half of you, 49 percent, are an ex-smoker and another 47 percent of you have never smoked. That’s what we learned about you on Tuesday. Oh, and P.S., I agree with reader Jeff, who commented, “Good to see that a majority of people have never smoked!”

Even if you’re like the 64 percent of you who didn’t watch the World Series, you should still click here and watch this short clip of Edward Meeker singing “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” at a 1908 baseball game – it’s pretty neat. Just under a quarter of you watched some of the World Series, 8 percent of you watched most of it, and only 6 percent of you watched all of it. That’s from Wednesday’s poll.

Thursday’s poll had a lot (and I mean a loooooot) of options, so I’m just going to post it below. We asked you what the best years of your life were, and I’m pleased to report that 45 percent of you think the best years of your life are happening right now. Fantastic! See the rest of the numbers below (if I typed all those numbers and percentages out, I’d surely give you a headache).

And last but never least, on Friday we asked kind of a silly question: If you had to choose between black or red licorice, which would you pick? The majority of you, 42 percent, answered red, but 22 percent of you would prefer black. A small 10 percent of you can’t decide because you like them both the same, and 25 percent of you are missing out biiiiiig time by picking neither (which I’m assuming means you don’t like licorice). Fun fact about myself: I used to be the buyer at a specialty food shop in New York City. One of my all-time favorite products was this Black Licorice Chocolate Toffee made by a small company in Harlem. Boy, I tell you, if you’re a toffee and/or licorice lover, this will be one of the best sweets you’ll ever try. And yes, it’s worth the price. I cross my heart, pinkie swear, promise, all of the above, 200 times.

Well, now that I’ve made myself drool, I better get out of here. See you next week!

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3 years ago

I have noted an error in your polling data discussions. “The majority of you, 42 percent, answered red, …” Forty-two percent, although it is the largest percentage in any one category, is not a majority. A simple majority requires 50% plus one vote of the persons voting. Forty-two percent, being the largest number in any one category, is a plurality.

Yes, I am sometimes a nit picker, especially with regard to proper terminology.

Bob p
3 years ago
Reply to  Wilyoung


Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

That licorice sounds deadly so I won’t be ordering. But, when I looked at the pics of the bags, every one of them seemed to have a piece of tape just under the company name. What’s THAT about?